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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Since 1993 (20 years) we have been, and still are, involved in numerous environmental investigations into homes (especially the bedrooms and particularly the location of the sleeping place1 itself), workplaces2 and open stands3. During these Tests we have uncovered various PROBLEMS causing severe HEALTH PROBLEMS.

Having applied our knowledge, experience and technology in tracking down and eliminating and/or screening Geopathic Zones, RADIATION PROBLEMS and other environmental problems degrading the body's functions, some of the problems have 'strangely disappeared over night' (to use the patient's own words), even after many months of suffering and consulting a string of doctors, and visiting hospitals and clinics.

The related problems mostly had destructive effects on every cell of the body and even can cause problems in the DNA/RNA by breaking the links (resulting in single or double strand breaks) of the double helix where the genetic information is stored. Single strand breaks can be repaired relatively easy, but a double strand break is not so easy and will often lead to a genetic fault of the specific cell!! (See: Genetic Mutation)

Please note:
CANCER is in fact not much more than an ill-behaved cell with an abnormal program or coding which can cause various malicious damages, depending on the type and severity (of its damage) - similar to a virus in your PC - but can have detrimental effects on living cells of body (in humans, animals and plants).

We are also still waiting for any University Clinic (in South Africa),
to come forward for a JOINT RESEARCH.

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