Lead SA 2012-11-03 'Smart Meters' and Fluoridation

Yes, THAT is true !!!


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Input/Reply, as posted on the Facebook page of Lead SA (2012-11-03, ±12:48):

But let us not forget OUR BASIC RIGHTS, as they are laid down and written up in LAW (in the CONSTITUTION) !!!

Yet. this very CONSTITUTION is officially TRAMPLED (underlined!!!) with feet a few times a day and even RAPED !!!
- - - When do we STAND UP against THAT?

'Smart Meters':

The very next time STUFF IS FORCE-FED DOWN OUR THROAT, is when the so called 'Smart Meters' are installed and implemented in our HOMES and OFFICE buildings!
- When animals are //force-fed we are up in arms and call it ANIMAL CRUELTY, however if people's HEALTH, WELL-BEING and LIVES are at stake - NOBODY even makes a PEEP !
- Least of all the
Ministry of Health and Environment - //the people that have 'officially' been placed in charge to HELP and PROTECT YOU and watch for your HEALTH and WELL-BEING!
- Well THIS IS exactly what happens when you make a buck to your gardener !

These 'Smart Meters' are in fact in operation in several overseas countries for some time now and have caused severe ILLNESSES and significant DEGRADATION of the QUALITY OF LIFE, for several citizens.
Some have succeeded to get their old analogue meters back - after following through pain-staking processes and even court cases.

People _please_ (underlined) be aware, we already have FAR TOO MUCH (BACKGROUND) RADIATION around us on a 24/7 basis and really do not need this WIRELESS METER TECHNOLOGY that still causes EVEN MORE PROBLEMS.

  • The new TV Standard (DVB-T / DVB-T2) going to be rolled out country-wide, soon is following this with the very similar RESULTS or should I rather say HEALTH EFFECTS !

- Just use Google to search for this, but please be aware the that you would have to do a little digging to get the infos, as it is COVERED-UP by the industry involved!

- - - STAND UP, MAKE A STAND, before it is too late !!!

PROBLEMS do not even end at the HEALTH SIDE, but there is also a serious SECURITY ISSUE, as hackers can tap into these meters which are 'always online') and spy on your electricity consumption, so they will know when you are on leave or nobody is home, for a while!

Please do yourself the FAVOUR and read the following :

Please note:
It does not help much not to install such a 'Smart Meter' in YOUR home, when you get the FULL RADIATION from your neighbours installation, anyway !

Make a united STAND, or fall together!**

- It is up to you !!!

Not enough EVIDENCE the Government is AGAINST US ALL?

- - - THEY even (officially) POISON OUR DRINKING WATER -
without our consent - or did they ask you for permission?

#-#-#-#-# HOW IRONIC !!! #-#-#-#-#

- Please read: Harvard: Study Confirms Fluoride is NEUROTOXIC !
… and more REAL FACTS on:

- Do you need even more facts that Government is AGAINST US ALL ?

Please see: