DA Facebook Posting 2012-12-21 'ANC forcing e-Tolling'

DA Facebook posting:

ANC attempting to ram e-tolling Bill through Parliament:

Our Response:

… like so many other things 'legal' or NOT, they are still FORCING everything down OUR THROATS !!!

Please also have a LOOK at the legal TOXINS which we are force-fed everyday, since the ANC Government enforced WATER FLUORIDATION !!!
This was done by the Ministry of Health - the so called "CUSTODIAN for our HEALTH AND WELL-BEING" !!
- Whom then can we actually TRUST ???

FACT is: "Fluoride is genotoxic and neurotoxic" !!!
The latter just been proven again by Harvard University:

More INFORMATION on THIS TOPIC is available at:

Water Fluoridation is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION !!!
Fluoride is genotoxic, neurotoxic and cytotoxic !!!
- - - This is nothing short of an ASSAULT with a DEADLY WEAPON !!!

- Now they are forging e-Tolling down our throat !!!
The next will be the new and critically HEALTH AFFECTING 4G roll-out of the communications industry, with Government already standing by and holding up their hands for the TAX REVENUES

Then coming soon is the new DVB-T (Digital TV Broadcast), which already shows HEALTH EFFECTS in overseas countries, just like the
so called 'Smart' Prepaid Meters, which are using WIRELESS TRANSMISSION to communicate their reading and recharging …
- For more INFO on this topic, please see:

If this is NOT a TOTAL ONSLAUGHT on our LIFE, HEALTH and WELL-BEING what is ???