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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Nuclear Energy, is not the way to go !!!

The 'specialists' who want to build yet another Nuclear Energy Plant (or two) in South Africa need their MINDS read !!
ESKOM seems to be pushing for THIS 'feature', as it looks like an effective method to generate electrical energy, however many overseas countries are already PULLING OUT of the nuclear Energy Generation - and they have their VALID and FOUNDED REASONS !

The CONS of Nuclear Energy:

  1. High initial cost (Estimated building cost will likely double before the completion.)
  2. High cost of radioactive fuel/materials
  3. HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE spent fuel rods / waste materials
  4. Storage of HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE spent fuel rods. These cannot just be dumped at a land-fill site !!!
    • This seems to be the case with the spent fuel rods from the Koeberg Nuclear Power Stations. Polluting the surrounding areas with RADIOACTIVITY and affecting the humans, animals and plants in the area in the Karoo.
  5. High maintenance costs - only for highly specialized personnel
  6. Centralized energy generation, needs infrastructure to transport the energy by wire
  7. Lots of cooling water needed
  8. Taking water from the sea, will have environmental impacts to flora and fauna - warming the surrounding water by various degrees causing undesired effects.
  9. Problems and hiccups in the Nuclear Plant can have HUGE and devastating effects, like …
    1. you have already seen in Chernobyl, Fukushima and others - some of which have even been totally COVERED-UP.
    2. it will have a total POWER FAILURE wherever the power is supplied

If you need any more FACTS and Information, please follow the Twitter Account of: Occupy Fukushima


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