News 2011-08


  • It's Woman's Day in South Africa today.
  • The body of Duncan Allan, 20, a third year BCom student who went missing on 21 July 2011 has been found after 3 weeks, 30 km outside Pretoria. The body was heavily decomposed and suicide is suspected, as a hose was found attached to the exhaust and leading into the passenger window. The seat was reclined and he held a bible in his left hand. Nothing from the car was stolen. His cellphone and purse were also found. (Source: TalkRadio 702)

2011-08-11, Thu:

2011-08-23, Tue:

  • Johannesburg, Hospital patient jumps out the window of the 9th floorand commits suicide, as she apparently did not get pain medication she requested, for her pain due to complications after a colon operation.

2011-08-24, Wed:

  • Bus Accident in the Cape causes 15 deaths, 14 dead children and the bus driver. The bus transported 52 children but was only licensed for 32 passengers. Also see: Accident Scene Investigations