News 2011-07


  • Duncan Allan, 20, a third year BCom student who went missing. A University of Pretoria student has disappeared without a trace, after going to fetch his car from a garage in the city at about 07:20 on Monday morning. He was last seen as he collected his car at Lynnwood Motors in Atterbury Road, Menlo Park, after it had been serviced.
    • His heavily decomposed body was found on 9 August 2011 (after 3 weeks).


Snow in Queenstown.


Van Reenen's Pass closed, due to snow


Van Reenen's Pass still closed, due to snow. The Army has now been called-in to help dozens of stranded people on the N3.


The News Report at Talk Radio 702 (2011-07-28, 17:30/20:00), had just announced, that Joost van der Westhuizen's Motor Neuron Disease (MND) is incurable, as far as the US specialists have confirmed.