2013-09-19 Glenvista High pupil suspended for attacking teacher

Yes, this is a very serious matter and would have to be punished, however one would first have to go to the ROOTS of the problem!

It is essential not just to go an medicate the child with anything, as long as there are no real causes found !
Psychologist and Psychiatrists often do not have the right answers for the problem, as most of them have no idea of all the goings on and what actually effects the Brain and its Metabolism.
Perhaps there is a reason for this case to be criminalized, but the most important is that it is going to be analysed in detail, so all the real problems and Underlying Causes will come out!

More and more these problems will come to the surface however and more and more problems are linked to Underlying Causes originating from Electromagnetic Pollution/Radiation.

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Pupil suspended after assaulting teacher

Pupil suspended after assaulting teacher



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