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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Electro Magnetic Fields do NOT actually need any flow of electricity to cause Radiation from an Electrical Field.

Electricity does NOT have to flow to cause electrical fields and actual harmful effects - this is what many people (incl. electricians and electrical engineers) cannot understand.
Having been exhibiting my services at Home Maker's Faire some years ago, I was just demonstrating the effects of electro magnetic radiation from just an extension lead and a bedside lamp. While I was just busy demonstrating to a group of people that making sure that the appliances are correctly wired and the CORRECT POLARITY (phase) does make a huge difference, too, when I was rudely interrupted by a person claiming to be an electrical engineer.
"Please, don't believe anything this guy is telling you, I am an electrical engineer!"
I interrupted my demonstration and focused on him, making him the centre of attraction and asked him if he could then just go and test the radiation for us. He did not really like that, but there was not much of a choice for him to escape otherwise, so he agreed and held the field meter against the wire. "Yes! See, this is exactly what I wanted to say there is no field, when the electricity does not flow. The lamp is off and there is no field either." When I switched the lamp ON, he said: "Now there is a field - when it is ON, just proving my point!" Without touching the switch I unplugged the 2-pin plug and plugged it in again. When the lamp was lamp was shining again, I asked how he explains 'this' and switched OFF the switch. The lamp went off, but the electrical field still remained! He was so astonished he just looked at the field meter and said: "What is this?".
I said: "This is what I just wanted to explain when you interrupted …".
Thereafter he just put the meter down and left, to the amusement of all the people present.

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