Mental Disorders

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Mental Disorders

Mental Disorders include a wide range of problems, including

Many Mental Disorders (sometimes also referred to as Mental Illness), are not diagnosed correctly and effectively, medication is prescribed on the "let's try principle" instead of even trying to get to the actual UNDERLYING CAUSES, first.
- Since the ENVIRONMENTAL ONSLAUGHT has changed considerably over the last few years, the methods of analysis has not been keeping up with this …
- More and more RADIATION SOURCES are installed and implemented causing a 24/365 Electromagnetic Pollution.

I/we still claim to go with the idea of detoxing a body by first stopping to put more TOXINS into the body, before starting the detoxing program.
However the overexcited medics often are totally ignoring these facts and medicate with any usable medication, even if they are not 100% sure what is actually going on in their patient's body.

Every one of these patients need to assessed properly and an Environmental Investigation would be highly recommended to look behind the scenes. This will give an indication about the normally neglected ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS directly or indirectly affecting the body and causing a whole range of illnesses, which can then effectively be targeted all at once reducing the patient's recovery and healing time and preventing treatment resistancy. Further more it would be advised actually see the achieved results and document these, like in a case study.
The normal problem often also seems to be that the patients do not stay with their respective medical practitioners long enough to even complete the ongoing treatment, as they feel they cannot get descent help anyway.
Then they switch to another practitioner, who has to roll-up the whole process from the start again, all over, most of the time.

Environmental Influences (The hidden and forgotten CAUSES?)

As many current problem situations are affected by STRESS, the investigation should be started right there!
— Together with this investigation it should be made mandatory to also include an

Environmental Background Check:

As Electromagnetic Radiation is genotoxic and neurotocic it should be taken quite serious, as this directly or indirectly interferes with the Nervous System and the Endocrine System, too - as well as others in the body being able to cause many illnesses through these hidden/underlying problems.

We are not sucking THIS out of out thumb, but have done our own research over the years and were able to help patients who have been visiting many medics and specialists during their said 'illness'. Mostly we could help in a reasonably short time. however some patients 'moved on' yet again looking for greener pastures, as there is no INSTANT CURE, which they almost expect.


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