Low Frequency Intrusion (LFI)

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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Low Frequency Intrusion (LFI) is a serious matter and as it looks, it is sticking out its head all over, more and more, in our technological world … - especially with the youngsters who have NO CLUE what they are actually playing with !!
The doctors and the Health Department have no interest in this matter either, as they are always 'pre-occupied' with seemingly 'more important matters', but they never get around to find out the actual TRUTH anyway, as they mostly lack the sheer INTEREST (and the necessary time and patience)!
By now I can write books about this subject alone!

OK, let's now get to the actual problems !

Low Frequency Intrusion is - like the name says INTRUSION that most people would not like anyway, however being the FACT that this INTRUSION is based on a very annoying LOW FREQUENCY SOUND WAVE is even more problematic, as the physics allows this LOW FREQUENCY to basically penetrate most structures and even the Earth for that matter, so basically you cannot block this type of WAVE, except at the origin, where it is generated/created !

The actual people looking after and taking care of this kind of noise pollution is the City Council and Metro Police, but they by now seem to be suffering from HEARD OF HEARING themselves already.
- All their By-Laws are totally useless and not even worth the paper they are printed on, as long as there is nobody actually enforcing them!

Having realized the shortcomings of the medical fraternity and especially the actual DUTIES of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment - it just leaves me totally DUMB-STRUCK, about the interest they actually show in the HEALTH & SAFETY of their citizens - the ones they are put in place to care for !!

Low Frequency Intrusion (LFI) show up similar effects as those caused by Elecro-magnetic Radiation

Common side effects of Low Frequency Intrusion include:

  • frustration
  • anxiety
  • aggravation
  • insomnia
  • migraines
  • sleep disruption
  • elevated blood pressure
  • increased heart rate
  • diminished concentration

— Compare these to the illnesses, as caused by Electromagnetic Radiation (Ionising and non-ionising)

View the current LFI survey results to get an idea of what people are saying.

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