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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Lifestyle Illnesses are Illnesses which are affected by your current Life Style !!

Besides the common illnesses normally linked to these, there are also problems with RADIATION to be mentioned.
This has to do with all the TECHNOLOGY we are bringing into our homes on a continuous basis.
This is a different ball game altogether !

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Lifestyle Illnesses
Lifestyle Diseases

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Please see the different kinds of radiation:
Ionizing Radiation
Non-Ionizing Radiation
Earth Radiation, Geopathic Zones
EMF/EMR, EMF, EMR, Electromagnetic Pollution, Electro Smog
Geopathic Influences
List of Radiation

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  • Video: The Electromagnetic Spectrum incl. Electro-Magnetic Radiation and Electro-Magnetic Pollution
    Very well explained. Everyone can understand this !!!


EU Parliament (2012-03-18):

Cellphones are added to list of potential risks for cancer, by the WHO - (31 May 2011)

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►►► Ionizing Radiation vs. Non-Ionizing Radiation ◄◄◄
Earth Radiation
EMR / Electro-Magnetic Radiation
Electro-Magnetic Spectrum
Gamma Radiation
Nuclear Power

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