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Prof. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has been helping many thousands of patients (since 1970) - and still is, by researching various alternative means beneficial to the patients as an add-on to normal therapy.
He is well-known for solving problems linked to environmental influences and is an acclaimed allergy and environmental health specialist in the UK.
By 1990 the press were calling him Britain’s Number One Allergy Detective.
He has also written many books and still cannot rest even after having retired in the USA, some years back.
He is still very active lecturing and writing up articles and documents, making available audio and video recordings to help even more patients than before right around the whole world via the Internet.

It is really astonishing what he gives to its best, as he works with a zest and drive go give as much information across as is possible and does certainly not 'stop behind the mountain'.

Books published:

  • The Allergy Handbook (1985)
  • Allergies: What Everyone Should Know (1986)
  • The Allergy Handbook (1988)
  • Thorson's Complete Guide To Food Allergy and Environmental Illness (1993)


Topics covered:

  • . . .


Cancer is curable now with Dr. Keith Scott Mumby ◄◄◄

Cancer is curable now with Dr. Keith Scott Mumby

Uploaded by maxAwareness on 14 Jul 2011… Cancer Research Secrets

This new book of Dr. Mumby will give you all the insights you need to prepare, prevent and heal cancer effectively.

Dr. Mumby shares in this Cancer Is Curable Now Interview with Marcus Freudenmann all the different treatments he found to be highly successful and those who are not.

Get yourself a copy of "[[[*|Cancer Research Secrets]]". … Cancer Research Secrets

Cancer Alternative Secrets from a Holistic MD ◄◄◄

Cancer Alternative Secrets from a Holistic MD

Uploaded by scottmumby on 17 Feb 2009 Many holistic and natural therapies work at least as well as chemo and radiation, sometimes better, Get the real secrets of cancer survival from this very experienced MD.

How to avoid Death by Kidney Failure

How to avoid Death by Kidney Failure

Uploaded by scottmumby on 9 Sep 2010
Kidney health explained by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB
Why black market kidneys are flourishing and what you should do to avoid needing one!

How to Survive in a World without Antibiotics ◄◄◄

How to Survive in a World without Antibiotics

Uploaded on 16 Aug 2011, by scottmumby The Golden Age of Antibiotics is OVER!
More and more deadly germs are becoming resistant. You need to learn about possible alternatives. Fortunately, there are hundreds of choices, many of which are scientifically validated and some even BETTER than antibiotics.

Candida Yeast Superhighway ◄◄◄

Candida Yeast Superhighway

Uploaded on 28 Sep 2010, by scottmumby Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD talks about his concept of the "moldy patient" and individuals susceptible to yeasts, molds, Candida, thrush and similar toxic organisms which compromise health and immunity.

50 Ways Foods Hurt by Dr.Keith Scott-Mumby ◄◄◄

50 Ways Foods Hurt by Dr.Keith Scott-Mumby

Uploaded on 3 Apr 2012, by Ryan G

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby tells you
Surprising Ways Foods can KILL, MAIM, DAMAGE
Your Organs, undermine your Brain Function
and otherwise screw up Your Life.
Based on the book "Diet Wise"
Copyright © 2008 Keith Scott-Mumby MD, PhD
All Rights Reserved
You may share and re-distribute this eBook but only if you keep the
copyright notice, author's name and website contact details intact.
Thank you.

Complete Parasites Handbook ◄

Complete Parasites Handbook

Uploaded on 30 Nov 2010, by scottmumby

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby MD introduces his "Complete Parasites Handbook", the most comprehensive doctor-written guide there is out there.

Virtual Medicine 2nd Edition

Virtual Medicine 2nd Edition

Uploaded on 28 May 2008, by scottmumby

Keith Scott-Mumby MD, PhD talks about the new edition of his book VIRTUAL MEDICINE, including the fact that we survive after death as energy and information entities.

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