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Käthe Bachler (*1923), the famous Austrian school teacher (for 32 years) and world-famous researcher into Earth Radiation and flowing underground water, magnetic fields of the Earth and geological fault lines and book author.
She has investigated well over 18.000 sleeping places, which astonishing results and written 7 books on these topics.
The Education Department of the Austrian school district of Salzburg even gave a research grant for her work and took her advice to introduce 'the rolling classroom' into their recommended procedure.

'The rolling classroom' is a technique that Käthe Bachler came up with to reduce the impact of Earth radiation on the individual scholar, by rolling the seating position every 2 to 3 weeks. All rows on the far left hand side will fall in at the far right and every row in between will shift one position to the left. This is an effective way to spread the radiation on various pupils substantially reducing its effect on the scholars in the process.

One year, she had a class of really naughty scholars with class clowns and underachievers and as the marks dropped steadily, she was getting worried. Then one day, after school tested the affecting radiation throughout the whole class - bench for bench. As expected the naughty and underachieving children's places where the worst of the lot, so she rearranged the seating order by rearranging the physical location of each desk to no longer be in an affected area.
Doing this, she soon noticed that the interaction was much better and the children's marks picked up again, without the normal disruptions of the class clowns and lack of concentration.

She also tried the 'rolling class' method for several months to a very good result, before writing all these findings up, as recommendations and sending it to the Department of Education in her district of Salzburg.

The bestseller book that has been translated into English:

  • Earth Radiation - The startling discoveries of a dowser
English Books (Translated from German)
Bachler_Book_E1a.jpg Bachler_Book_E1b.jpg
1st Edition 2nd Edition

Startling discoveries of a teacher & dowser who became interested in why children had learning difficulties, physical problems such as allergies, arthritis & even cancer!
This book started a Health Revolution in Germany and Austria.

The English Version has several Introductions, one of them by Prof. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby - MD, Allergy Detective and Environmental Specialist.

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Author of 7 books and numerous pamphlets:

  1. Erfahrungen einer Rutengängerin - Geobiologische Einflüsse auf den Menschen (1977, ISBN-13: 9783701730353)
    "Experiences of a diviner - Geobiological effects on humans"
    English Title: Käthe Bachler - Earth Radiation
  2. Der gute Platz - Eine große Hilfe für die Gesundheit an Körper, Seele und Geist (ISBN-10: 3701730733, ISBN-13: 9783701730735)
    "The good place - A great help for the health of body, mind and spirit"
  3. Erkenntnisse und Bekenntnisse einer Rutengängerin (ISBN-10: 3852146976, ISBN-13: 9783852146973)
    "Evidence and confessions of a diviner"
  4. Das Gebet als Rettungsanker - Der Marienbrunnen (ISBN-10: 3853297226, ISBN-13: 9783853297223)
    "The Lifeline of Prayer - The Mary's Well"
  5. Direktsuche des guten Platzes (ISBN-10: 3701730989, ISBN-13: 9783701730988)
    "Direct search for the good place"
  6. Von der Angst befreit - Aus dem Leben einer weltbekannten Radiästhetin (ISBN-10: 3852147816, ISBN-13: 9783852147819)
    "Freed from the fear - From the life of a famous diviner"
  7. Gibt es eine geistige Abschirmung - Erfahrungen aus meinem Leben (ISBN-10: 3852147506, ISBN-13: 9783852147505)
    "Is there a mental screening? - Experiences from my life"
German Books (The Original Editions)
Bachler_Book_D1.jpg Bachler_Book_D2.jpg Bachler_Book_D3.jpg Bachler_Book_D4.jpg Bachler_Book_D5.jpg Bachler_Book_D6.jpg Bachler_Book_D7.jpg
1st Book 2nd Book 3rd Book 4th Book 5th Book 6th Book 7th Book

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