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When is the most secure house not safe (enough) ?

Investigations need to be carried out for EMF/EMR and Geopathic Zones . . . and other related environmental factors, which can be the Underlying Causes to many ILLNESSES.

  • Before people are actually moving into their new home, to check for and eliminate various environmental problems from the start and not only after the people living there are in fact getting sick.
  • When there are any people with chronic, degenerative or other severe ILLNESSES living in the house.
  • Even reoccurring sleepless nights or waking up tired can already be an indicator for problems at your sleeping place!

We are working strictly according to the Kopschina Method, and only when the appropriate measures have been taken we will introduce additional methods for further improving the situations.
- It is very important to first eliminate the problems before making further improvements to the existing condition(s).

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In a few years time, the testing of houses for safer living and the respective sleeping places could be as necessary as the washing of hands by doctors between seeing patients in a hospital, (since 1847).[1]

Investigations for all SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS should start by analysing the HOUSE first, for ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS and DEFECTS which are the underlying problems and causes for many ILLNESSES.
Thereafter the 2nd step is needed, which is the counter measure which will be taken to eliminate the ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS found - either by moving the patient out of the affected areas or using effective screening methods to screen these.
This would mostly eliminate mayor guesswork by medics and positively support the further treatment of their patients and in the end also reduce the monetary layout in the process reducing the overall costs for treatments - further passing savings through to the medical aid funds.

What are we able to be testing for:

What we can do to assist when the above problems are found:

  • Move the person(s) out of the affected areas (the cheapest option)
  • Screen or shield off the causes to the problems
  • Sanitizing the Areas

How can I benefit?

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1. For more information about what I mean, please read up on what happened to Prof. Dr. Ignaz_Semmelweis in 1847.
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