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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Induction Stoves seem to be the last hit in Cooking Technology and are marketed to be the most effective way of cooking, however it is not all GOLD that blinks. Like in the WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY, where they also totally leave out the SAFETY FACTORS. It is exactly the same here! The consumer, customer and user is always left in the dark about any side effects of new technology, as it is introduced and as soon as the problems come to light the FACTUAL TRUTH is swept under the carpet and is very effectively covered up, by the industry and governments as well as by the media, through total Media Black-Outs!

What is INDUCTION anyway?

Induction is effectively seen in transformers, when the electricity running through one coil (Primary Coil) and induces an electromagnetic field which in turn creates a magnetic field in the magnetizable metal core of the transformer, which is then also fed through the other coil (Secondary coil), bein able to be tapped there. It is now possible for the Voltage, to be easily stepped up down or left the same, like in an insulation transformer, which has a 1:1 ratio, to shield oneself from the direct mains currents. The ratios are always depending on the amount of turns in the respective coils. The thickness of the wire used will determine how much current can flow through the transformer, respective of the core of the transformer, as saturation can be reached, and the transformer coil overloaded, then it will get quite hot! This is basically what is done in an Induction Stove, hover this does not need a transformer as such, just one coil, as the pot is basically used as the other coil as well as the metal core in which the strong electromagnetic field from the coil is generating a magnetic field, which is then effectively cutting through the base of the (magnetic) pot (stainless steel or cast iron - materials like aluminium, copper, ceramic, glass or plastics will not work), as it is not possible to induce any magnetic field in them. Thus they will not heat up and stay cold. The heat generated is directly related to the strength of the electricity flowing through the Induction Oven's coil and the electromagnetic field produced which is to cut through the magnetic properties of the put, which in turn generate heat. The transmission of the energy is done WIRELESS, like a WIRELESS Cellphone Charger, which has very much the same problems with massive Electromagnetic Fields around it, as soon as it is switched ON, whether it is actually being used or not - however this could also be regulated down by an extra sensing coil monitoring of the energy is actually used or not and regulating it down of there is no transfer of energy.

Health Effects:

Since Induction needs either a pulsed field or an alternating current, it also depends on the frequency which is being used, to transfer the energy. Most Induction Stoves do not work on the 50Hz or 60Hz Mains Frequency as available from the Grid (of the Electricity Supply Company), but are pulsing these at a far higher frequency, trying to saturate the core of that said "transformer" in this case the base of the pot. Frequency and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) might be regulated in accordance with the temperature or setting selected on the Induction Stove, which is causing additional health problems.

Induction Stoves are dangerous for the following people:

  • The unborn babies of pregnant ladies - several damages to the baby can occur
  • People with weak hearts - heart attacks may be triggered
  • Patients with Pacemaker - de-fibrillation responses can be expected from the pacemaker and even heart attacks may be triggered
  • Young children (under 21/22 years) who's immune system is not yet completely mature
  • Anyone else especially sensitive people, but generally anyone will be affected it is only the strength of the fields and the time of exposure that is a factor

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Additional Tests you could to to get to the FACTUAL TRUTH of how DANGEROUS cooking with such "NEW TECHNOLOGY" actually is!

Water Cooking Experiment

This Experiment should pinpoint which way of cooking is the most health and will not damage your food in the process:

  1. Organize 3 pot plants (or more, if you want to do the extended experiment), that are more or less similar (in type and size).
  2. Cook the same amount of water (say 1.5l) in 3 different ways (on an ordinary (electrical or glass top) stove, an induction stove and a microwave oven - you can still add a gas stove and a wood or coal stove if you like) and let it cool down.
  3. Carefully mark the plants and the water containers with the full name or an abbreviation, like o/e, i, m, g and w or c.
  4. Place the pot plants next to each other, so they have similar conditions (temperature, heat and light).
  5. Water the plants every other day, depending on how much water they need for 4 - 6 weeks. (Do not drown them!)
  6. You might like to take pictures and write down the date and time, to see how your plants are doing!
  7. You might like to send us the results, or publish them on the Internet. ;-)

- - - Good look with your Experiment! - - -

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