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Emergency Links:
Missing Children

South Africa

Government Website - National Departments (Overview)

Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of South Africa (EMRRFSA)

Environmental Forum
SANRAL (SA National Road Agency Ltd.)
Driving South Africa

National Recycling Forum (NRF)
e-Waste Association of South Africa (eWASA)


The Federal Office for Radiation Protection ('Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz') (English)
The Federal Office for Radiation Protection ('Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz') (German/deutsch)

Bürgerwelle Dachverband der Bürger und Initiativen zum Schutz vor Elektrosmog e.V. - Unsere Verantwortung für die Welt von Morgen. (German)
German Umbrella Association of citizens and initiatives to protect against electromagnetic (registered Association) - Our responsibility to the world of tomorrow. (English)
Welcome to one of the biggest information sources concerning mobile phones, mobile radiocommunications and electrosmog




FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroHyperSensitive
TCO (The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees)

United Kingdom / England

Coghill Research Laboratories


Microwave News

EMF-L Guru REPORTS - now integrated into FEB.
EMFguru shows the dawn of the EMF-Guru discussion list. The contents was generated in the middle of the 90's when Roy Beavers alias EMF-Guru started his EMF discussion list. Today Roy Beavers has opened his own homepage which you may visit as well.


IN MEMORY OF BRIDLEWOOD - now integrated into FEB.
BRIDLEWOOD gives a view of a former Canadian site. Richard W. Woodley supplied for more than ten years information on Bridlewood Electromagnetic Fields, (EMFs) Information Service, Canada. This information Service closed on February 29, 2000. In memory of his work a mirror of his site was created.


EMRAA - Electromagnetic Radiation Alliance of Australia

New Zealand

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