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Atrial Fibrillation Disease, or Heart Rhythm Problems, is the most common cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm).
Please lookup the exact meaning of Atrial Fibrillation at Wikipedia, as we are rather discussing the link to GS and ES here.
It looks like these problems are on the increase, too. - Do you wonder why? Then please read on.

Stressing the heart can be caused by many problems, a few of them ACTIVELY and DIRECTLY , like stress (in the family or at work), by smoking and physical stress due to sport and extreme sport, but as well as PASSIVELY and INDIRECTLY - by just being exposed to Geopathic Stress and/or Electro Stress.
According to relevant exposure levels and exposure times the Geopathic Stress and/or Electro Stress can be an underlying problem to many other illnesses as well, like your whole Central Nervous System (CNS) including the brain which is actually also regulating most actions and hormone levels. This can cause chemical imbalances in the brain.
Further more it can also affect muscles and this also includes the heart muscle !!

When the hormone levels are disturbed this can also affect the relationship of various organs. The interrelated organs which are working together to do a certain job in your physiology can then be thrown out of their normal routine and also upset other organs in the process, which can have a ripple effect and could cause even larger problems through out the body which are very difficult to be tracked and corrected.
- These problems do however mostly occur in very the specific regions of the body which are affected by specific radiation. Often the whole endocrine system is effected.

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