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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

How important is the Heart to the body?

Yes, it is possible to get Cancer in the Heart, but it is very rare.
However with the continuous onslaught of Microwave Radiation from Cellphones & Towers as well as DECT Cordless Phones and Wi-Fi these problems might become more in the years to come!

Videos on "Heart Cancer":

Heart Cancer

Heart Cancer

Uploaded on 1 May 2010, by: Vuk Nikolic

Heart Cancer Causes and Treatment of Cancer

Heart Cancer Causes and Treatment of Cancer

Published on 28 Feb 2013, by: Bernard A. Phillips
Heart Cancer Causes and Treatment of Cancer
The most common area from where a heart cancer can
migrate is as area in the chest that is referred to as lymphomas.
So let get more detail information about about heart cancer causes
with include the best treatment and heart cancer symptoms in:

Removal of Cardiac Tumor. Arie Blitz, MD

Heart Cancer Causes and Treatment of Cancer

Uploaded on 28 Jun 2011, by: Arie Blitz
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This video is comprised of two sections. The first section is a short case presentation. The second section is an operative video detailing how a surgeon removes a left atrial tumor. In this particular case, the tumor's pathology was a myxoma—a benign cardiac tumor.


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