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Many NEW ITEMS and even Medication gets onto International markets, with FULL TRUMPET BLASTS, glorifying the products or treatments, yet a few years down the line these are SILENTLY taken off the market again, out of fear of Law Suits against the manufacturers !!

Here are a few samples of such Health Hoaxes


Ionic Detox Foot Bath HOAX

Ionic Detox Foot Bath HOAX

Uploaded by 1ladolcevita1 on 13 Feb 2008

Recorded on February 13, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.

The Ionic Foot Detox Machine a Scam or a Hoax?

The Ionic Foot Detox Machine a Scam or a Hoax?

Uploaded by kennethaycox on 23 Apr 2009

Some people are raving about it; others say its a foot detox scam or hoax, which leaves the remaining individuals feeling confused and skeptical.

Many companies who sell the ionic foot detox machine are marketing them with the claim that what is seen in the water after a typical treatment are toxins leaving the body through the pores in the feet. Some vendors even refer to the water as alkaline or ionized water, leading consumers to believe that any positive results they receive are directly related to the waters reduced or alkaline pH. But neither of these statements is entirely true and this misleading information has caused many people to question the foot detox all together.

The truth is the debris and discoloration of the water happen for a variety of reasons; the metal electrodes in the array are corroding, there are small amounts of gases being released into the water as the pH is reduced, toxins are being eliminated from the body through osmosis of the skin and many elements that are present in our every day tap water are being broken down into the tub of water. All four of these processes occur as a result of the electrolysis that takes place when a small generator called an array is placed into a tub of salty tap water while an individuals feet are immersed in the water for approximately thirty minutes.

Technically the electrolysis that takes place during an ionic foot detox session causes the water to become alkaline and ionized. But it appears to be the negative hydrogen ion and not the fact that the ph has been reduced that is the culprit for any health benefits that occur after receiving an ionic foot detox treatment. This simple negative H ion acts as an antioxidant in the body when internalized. In its natural form, the negative hydrogen ion has a relatively short life span, but in the water of an ionic foot detox this ion has a smaller surface area and is protected by small clusters of water molecules that act as a shelter prolonging its life and making it more easily absorbed through osmosis.

So we can now see that the changes in water color are not only due to the toxins being released into the water, but due to all four of the processes that take place as the result of electrolysis and the health benefits are not a direct result of the reduced pH but of a very primitive element which has existed since the beginning of time called the negative hydrogen ion.

Although the information being given to consumers is not necessarily false information nor is the information an Ion foot detox scam, it is misleading and should be used as an example to show everyone how important it is to communicate. Why not Purchase a high quality Ion foot detox machine today and find out for yourself if the claim foot detox scam or foot detox hoax is true.

Ionic Foot baths are a scam!

Ionic Foot baths are a scam!

Uploaded by NutritionTruth on 17 Jun 2010

Don't let these baths fool you, because they fooled me.

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