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10 October is World Mental Health Day. The theme for this year is “Depression: A Global Crisis”. During the next few days we will give you more information about the signs and symptoms of depression and where to get help.

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Reply posted: (2011-11-11 03:57)

Hello Justine,

you have just said it !!
The DoH and the specialists do not actually seem to know what DEPRESSION means or is, or where it comes from, but still 'doctor' it with (heavy) medication … anyway.
- I call it "thumb-suck (diagnosis &) treatment" or "Trial-and-Error Method".
- That's why most people are in the state they are in!
- … and the problem is getting bigger, if nothing is being done.
- Even the technological advancements in health technology cannot curb 'the onslaught of this DEPRESSION'.

The DoH is telling us that DEPRESSION is going wild, so that they can 'doctor' even more patients.
- However doing the correct things and looking at the SOURCE - the actual (mostly hidden) CAUSE (- which most medics deny anyway) is the actual problem for all these many cases of DEPRESSION.
It starts when people getup in the morning …
… the 2nd shock, when they read the morning newspaper or listen to the radio or want TV.


Dear DoH/MoH,
sorry, but there you are WRONG !!!
- Depression is not a MENTAL ILLNESS !!


It is HIGHLY DEPRESSING to see such "illnesses" 'doctored' with MEDICATION - without even knowing the FACTUAL BACKGROUND or UNDERLYING CAUSE of the PROBLEM !!!

S T R E S S, is just one huge factor linked to DEPRESSION and there are many other contributing factors just like that.
Just take Electromagnetic Stress and Geopathic Stress and all the DAILY STRESSES we have to endure - especially with the current "STATE of GOVERNMENT". One can never be sure what comes up next.

If you want to prove me WRONG, I would like to dare you, to do RESEARCH with you in this regard and other matters of concern.
But as I was told by the your Ministry, last time "there is no money for research".

- Well there does not to be any money for other so necessary things either, is there?


Let's not post everything here, that is already written up, so just follow the links below, for very ENLIGHTENING reading:


… so far for now!

Depression may have no obvious cause …

Depression may have no obvious cause or it can be set off by physical illness, bereavement, family problems or unemployment. Some people may have just one episode of depression. Half of people who have had one episode of depression will have further episodes.

Reply posted: 2012-11-11 04:23

Hm !!
"No obvious cause", you say !!
- That sound very interesting, in deed !!!

I always wonder how most medics are allowed to be treating the SYMPTOMS, of which they have no idea where they come from, then …
"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease."
— Voltaire (1694 - 1778) — comes to mind …

After all you do not take your car for service to treat the SYMPTOMS, do you?
- Only keeping on topping up the petrol, when the tank is leaking is treating the SYMPTOM.
- Fixing the tank is tackling the underlying cause!

Please let's first look at the CAUSES ('hidden' to most medics, as they still ignore or even oppose and suppress them):