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DoH: Facebook page (1 November 2012):

Minister Motsoaledi will on Tuesday, 6 November launch the Academy for Leadership and Management in Health Care to address skills gaps at all levels of clinical and hospital management at the department's offices corner Thabo Sehume and Struben Streets, Pretoria.
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Health Minister launches health academy

In a concerted effort to ensure excellence and the successful implementation of the goals set in the Human Resources for Health Strategy, the Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi will on Tuesday, 6 November launch the Academy for Leadership and Management in Health Care to address skills gaps at all levels, including clinical and hospital management.

In 2011 Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi commissioned a study to review competency levels of hospital Chief Executive Officers, a move towards overhauling the health system in South Africa and it was evident that “a significant proportion did not have the requisite leadership and management competencies”.

“The South African health system cannot run without high quality management and leadership”, Motsoaledi said.

The Academy will focus on among others, the following strategic tasks:

· Develop a national management and leadership competence framework for the health sector based on a needs analysis;

· Undertake a competency assessment of key post holders (using existing assessments such as DBSA) and develop a ‘gap analysis’ for leadership and management development and strategy to address weaknesses;

· Develop an inventory of health leadership and management training capacity within and outside the health sector;

· Define training and development interventions/ programme requirements for leadership and management for the health sector, for in-service training and HEI professional/career training;

· Accredit and commission providers which can offer training in management and leadership for the health sector (these should include HEI’s, private institutions and organisations, international HEI’s and organisations);

· Ensure competency requirements are implemented for appointments to leadership and management positions in the health sector; and

· Monitor the outcome and impact of commissioned in-service training and career programmes offered through HEI’s and other training service providers.

During the launch the Minister will also announce members of the Advisory committee lead by Professor Marian Jacobs, dean of the faculty of health sciences: University of Cape Town.

Members of the media are invited to the launch as follows:

Date: 6 October 2012
Time: 11:15 – 12:00
Venue: Civitas Building, corner Andries (Thabo Sehume) and Struben streets, PRETORIA.

For more information and RSVP please contact:

1. Ministry of Health: Spokesperson, Joe Maila - 082 887 3581

2. Departmental Spokesperson, Popo Maja 082 373 1169

Response to the Facebook posing

posted: 2012-11-11 03:14

Can we expect the Minister to FOCUS and give ATTENTION, to the TOPICS, where it is needed most !!

Minister Motsoaledi was speaking on Radio 702 not so long ago that the CANCER rate is rising quickly.
- What is planned in THIS REGARD, besides the usual Ostrich Politics ??

Mobile Telecommunications and HEALTH: Report of an Investigation into an alleged CANCER CLUSTER in Sandwell, West Midlands


We (the state and the companies implementing NEW and UN-TESTED TECHNOLOGY) are continuously CAUSING MORE PROBLEMS for OUR HEALTH. This is a very lucrative investment and business strategy for both (government and businesses), focusing firstly on the MONEY side of things, where are the HEALTH and SAFETY of the public should be the priority, at least from sides of the GOVERNMENT. It is stated in our CONSTITUTION (, which is trampled on with feet EVERYDAY and even RAPED !

Dear Minister Motsoaledi , please (re-)READ the CONSTITUTION again, as it is written there that is actually YOUR JOB and DUTY (as the Minister of Health), to care for the HEALTH and SAFETY of the people in your country.
- When can we expect any assistance in this matter?

Please do not wait before it is too late, you have said it yourself (on radio): "South Africa will reach pandemic stages with CANCER in the next years".
- Yet the WIRELESS INDUSTRY and all associated with it can 'happily' continue to TOXIFY the whole world around us !!

May I just STRESS a point here, if you do not already know it, that Electro-magnetic Radiation is GENOTOXIC and NEUROTOXIC, just like the HIGHLY TOXIC FLUORIDE, you are still forcing down our throats everyday !

- - - Fluoride is GENOTOXIC, NEUROTOXIC and CYTOTOXIC !!! - - -

Dear Minister of HEALTH - let me assure you THIS IS A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION and HEALTH FRAUD - and nothing short of AN ASSAULT with a DEADLY WEAPON !!!
- Well the very same can be said about the ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION we all have to endure on a 24/7 basis.

If you need any REFERENCES to the above, please feel free to have a look:

Dear Minister, Health Care is a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT, just as EDUCATION is !!
- Yet, you seem to be FAILING IN BOTH THESE SUBJECTS, as one never hears any concrete information from your side of the playing field.
- Please get up now go out there and HELP your Country.

Calls for GM maize ban after shocking cancer study

By the way, I am still waiting for a date, for a meeting with you, which still did not materialise, that's why I am now putting it in WRITING, for ALL to see, too.

Life is not a joke, it is very serious, even more so if people's health and lives are at stake!

Good luck !

Kind regards
Peter Heindl
Institute for Geopathology SA