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In short:
Genotoxicity is the noun for the genotoxin being genotoxic.
When something is genotoxic it is toxic (or dangerous) for the genes (the genetic material inside each cell).

In genetics genotoxicity describes a deleterious action on a cell's genetic material affecting its integrity. Genotoxic substances are known to be potentially mutagenic or carcinogenic, specifically those capable of causing genetic mutation and of contributing to the development of tumors. This includes both certain chemical compounds and certain types of radiation.

Typical genotoxins like aromatic amines are believed to cause mutations because they are nucleophilic and form strong covalent bonds with DNA resulting with the formation of Aromatic Amine-DNA adducts, preventing accurate replication.

Genotoxins affecting sperm and eggs can pass genetic changes down to descendants who have never been exposed to the genotoxin.

For instance, Dr. Neil Cherry found Electromagnetic RADIATION to be genotoxic.

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We are all EMR Guinea Pigs !!!

We are all EMR Guinea Pigs !!!

Published on 2 Apr 2012 by minivanjack

A global "Smart Grid" program is being implemented which is blasting homes and businesses with more electromagnetic radiation than human beings have ever been subject to in human history. It is utterly preposterous to assume this will not lead to major human epidemics.

We must now face the very serious problem that the institutions, government, corporations and foundations, that are supposed to be serving our interests are deliberately violating, exploiting, endangering and assaulting us.

This video exposes electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as a major danger and violation to all current and future generations.

Sponsored by FreedomTaker (d'o't'c'o'm)

Wireless Networks - Genetic Mutation (Barrie Trower)

Wireless Networks - Genetic Mutation — Barrie Trower, retired British military expert

Uploaded by jinithompson on 14 Jun 2010

Barrie Trower, retired British military expert on stealth weaponry and microwave radiation, outlines how wireless computer radiation can cause lasting genetic mutation in girls' ovaries. Lots more on Jini's blog:

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