Energy Experiment 001

Wireless Energy Transfer

  • Please download the above (500kB) file. (Click on the above picture to enlarge, then Right-Click to Save Image)
  • Print it out
  • Cut out the 8 pictures
  • Place a glass or cup of water on each and wait for about 10 ~ 15 minutes (letting it stand over night would give a better effect though).
  • Take a sip from each glass and check which glass'/cup's water tastes the best or different to all the others.
  • What has changed?
  • Please let us know the LETTER on the picture under that glass/cup!

THANK YOU for participating !
- Request another TEST if necessary. ;-)

Please use the direct message method to contact us or send an eMail to

What can you tell me/us about the water you have 'tested'/'tasted'/'sampled'.
- You can also use anything else you would like to drink,water is still the cheapest, though!

Only the contents of 1 container should be different! Please forward the LETTER of the corresponding picture on which it was standing during the test.

Energy cannot be destroyed, only converted or transformed from one into another form and also transmitted from one place to another.