Endocrine System

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The Endocrine System:

Pituitary Gland

Pineal Gland





Adrenal Glands


Ovaries (female)

Testes (male)

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Endocrine System Hormone Sex Function
Pituitary Gland Growth hormone both
Pituitary Gland Prolactin female
Pituitary Gland Adrenocorticotropic both
Pituitary Gland Thyroid-stimulating hormone both
Pituitary Gland Luteinizing hormone male
Pituitary Gland Follicle-stimulating hormone both
Pituitary Gland Oxytocin both
Pituitary Gland Antidiuretic hormone both
Pineal Gland Melatonin both helps the body recognize when it is time to go to sleep
Hypothalamus Thyrotrophic-releasing hormone both
Hypothalamus Growth hormone-releasing hormone both
Hypothalamus Corticotrophin-releasing hormone both
Hypothalamus Gonadotropin-releasing hormone both
Thyroid both controls a person's metabolism
Parathyroid both proper bone development, helps control both calcium and phosphorous levels in the body
Thymus both healthy immune system
Adrenal Glands both control blood sugar
Adrenal Glands both Promoting proper cardiovascular function , control blood sugar
Adrenal Glands both Properly utilizing carbohydrates and fats
Adrenal Glands both Helps distribute stored fat
Adrenal Glands both Promotes healthy gastrointestinal functions
Pancreas both healthy blood sugar levels
Ovaries Estrogen female which promote the development of breasts. They also help a woman maintain healthy menstrual periods. 
Ovaries Progesterone female
Testes male Maintaining sex drive
Testes male Promoting production of sperm
Testes male Maintaining healthy levels of muscle and bone mass

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