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— A Break-Trough in Medical Science

Magnetic Field Therapy is classified under ENERGY MEDICINE, which is really taking off right across the world at the moment. Several high ranking specialists and practitioners are already using this type of 'energy treatment' for their patients.

The best of it is, that Magnetic Field Therapy (MFT) stimulates the body without leaving any residues, like chemical substances - which have to be worked out by the body, through the liver and the kidneys!

Now, see for yourself, what it can do for YOU and your whole family !!

Let's look at the basics of Magnetic Field Therapy and how it actually works in the body:

How do Magnetic Fields work to help the body?
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Uploaded by DrPawluk on 7 Sep 2010

Dr Pawluk discusses how magnetic fields work to help the body. This video is very important to explaining how magnetic fields act on the body. This information is from a medical doctor, with both a science and medical perspective.

Magnetic Field Therapy devices, are very affective !!

The major physiological parameters that are quantifiable, repeatable and consistently improved with EMF Treatment are, the following:

  • Circulation
    • Micro circulation
    • Macro circulation
  • Partial oxygen pressure
  • Protein bio-synthesis
  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production
  • Immune system
    • Infections
    • Viri
  • Analgesic and anti-oxidation regulation
  • Repair mechanisms
    • Burns
    • Wound Healing
    • Supporting the body to better cope with Environmental Problems

Since early 2000, we are also offering Magnetic Field Therapy, after we have been adopting Electro Acupuncture and also Meridian Therapy and Energy Treatments, which had a huge influence on people's health conditions! Not only will the **Micro Circulation and Macro Circulation in the body improve, which means the smaller arteries and capillaries will be opening up again, through stimulation by specifically selected electro-magnetic fields by means of a unique wave form and specific frequencies.

The Electro-magnetic Field Treatment will be opening up Arterioles and Capillaries and normalize and reactivate blood circulation:
This again stimulate the blood circulation (helping to transport the nutrients and medication to the place where it is needed and removing waste) and help the healing process, at the same time also help against infections and boosting the immune system.

EMF Treatments are …

  • Non-Invasive (Does not cause bruising or scaring.)
  • Natural (Adopted to the Magnetic Fields of the Earth and Schumann Waves.)
  • Drug Free (No drugs are used for the treatments.)
  • Without Side Effects (No negative Side-Effects !)
  • Safe and effective (Works immediately, within a few minutes.)
  • From about 10 minutes, two to three times a day - for most conditions!
    (For severe cases it can be repeated every 2 hours round the clock.)
  • Gentle and relaxing (Relaxes the body and patients often even fall asleep.)
  • Useful for prevention of certain illnesses (Preventative Maintenance)

This Technology is right on the forefront of HEALTH TECHNOLOGY, but the Ministry/Department of Health and the medics are still not using it in hospitals, even though this technology is available for over 10 years and usable for many illnesses and diseases - even though it was officially registered with the Department of Health !!!
Overseas it has been awarded many prizes and it is safe, too!!

Like Reflexology, an EMF Treatment does not only 'treat' one condition at a time, but tackles many problems in the body all at once, as its main aim is to increase blood circulation, which is one of the most important function in the body after all. Good blood flow assists delivery of nutrients and medication to where it is needed as well as the removal of toxins and waste materials to be removed and excreted from the body. — Now please, watch the Videos below, to understand the detail working !!

Problems and Illnesses effectively treated by EMF Treatments

EMF Treatments and CANCER

It’s all in the WAVE" - "CELL functioning"

The specific Frequency and Wave Form of the EMFs working in on the body make a HUGE DIFFERENCE on how these are INFLUENCING the body and all its living cells.
If you cannot understand the 'restorative function' these EMF Treatments have on the body and all its cells, you should try to understand the detrimental effect WIRELESS COMMUNICATION actually has on the very same cells !See for yourself !!

— Likewise a KNIFE can be used to stab someone it can also be used to slice your food - it's ONLY A MATTER OF APPLICATION !!!

When are the medics in RSA waking up???Hopefully it is not too late then!

It is much more profitable to amputate limbs with bad blood circulation, than treating these with by using EMF Therapy for a few minutes daily !!! Treatments can even be repeated every 2 hours, if needed !!
- There are NO PLACEBO EFFECTS, as it even works for animals, too.

Please Note:
EMF Treatments cannot be used by people with Pace Makers, as the treatments make use of Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) and a Pulsed-Electro-Magnetic-Field (PEMF) which confuse the Pace Maker in its functioning.

Let's start yourself off with a few videos, we will post more information soon:


  • Videos on the Working and Effectivity of the EMF Therapy . . .

— Before watching the videos, please refer to Download Support/Tips

EMF can harm and can heal using PEMF (Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

Direct Link: EMF can harm and can heal using PEMF (Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

Uploaded on 24 Jan 2012, by Magda Havas

This video details the harmful effects of microwave radiation also known as electrosmog and the beneficial effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices. It was first presented by Magda Havas at the Zoomer Life Conference in Toronto, October 2011.

— Having seen then above videos, when will we see you, to test drive our Holistic Health Approach??

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The Human Body is more than just a 'Chemistry Lab' !

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