EMF - ElectroMagnetic Fields

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Electro-magnetic fields are caused wherever there is a flow of electricity and even where there is not.

These fields are depending greatly on the voltage [Volt] being used or carried (as in cables) as well as also the current [Ampere] as well as the distance from the object or device.
Please be especially careful for overlaying fields - superimposed on one another - by more than one source, as these are even more critical and often not easy to be detected, unless you are using the correct test equipment.

As electromagnetic fields can even penetrate walls, it is not uncommon to cause problems in adjoining rooms, even as far as the neighbours rooms and vice-versa a neighbour's Wireless LAN / Wi-Fi penetrating your home and affecting your family's health.
Like a TV creating a serious threat in the bedroom of a baby or toddler - even though it is not even physically present in that room.
— Thus as a rule of thumb: I would always suggest to place a TV on an outside wall.

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