Electromagnetic Radiation in the School Environment

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Electromagnetic Pollution and Radiation in general in the School Environment has been the problem for may years.
This can be from ordinary wires, (faulty) electrical installation and devices causing Dirty Electricity.
Further more it is also the sad fact that Geopathic Zones are affecting the children on their respective places, when they are sitting right above such for prolonged hours.

Käthe Bachler, having been an Austrian teacher of 32 years, was the one who actually did great research work in conjunction toth children and Geopathic Zones, mainly in the Salzburg District in Austria, to test and warn about Geopathic Zones in Class Rooms. She also introduced what is now known as the Rolling Class, where the children of the whole class are rotated (rolled over) 1 row every 14 days, do eliminate the effects of the Geopathic Zones on them.
This has effectively improved concentration, tiredness and other problems in children and raised their marks and has even been implemented by other teachers and advised by the Education Department in the Salzburg District.
Käthe Bachler also wrote 7 books on this topics of Earth Radiation and Earth Magnetic Fields!


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