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Electro Stress or also Electromagnetic Stress is already more like the illness itself, caused by Electro Pollution or Electro Smog.

Similarly to Geopathic Stress which is caused by exposure to Geopathic Zones, Electro Stress is caused through exposure to Electro Smog, which is in return caused by EMF/EMR by electrical and electronic equipment, wiring and wireless transmissions.

Electro Smog is caused by Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR), regardless if this is from ionizing radiation (radioactive, incl. X-Ray or Gama radiation) or non-ionizing radiation (non radioactive).

Contrary to the Geopathic Stress, which is not increasing Electro Stress is still increasing in even greater steps, as more and more electrical appliances and electronic and wireless gadgets are introduced onto the market and into our homes and offices!
SMOKING PROBLEMS, have already been dealt with in a way, however the problematics with ELECTRO-MAGNETIC POLLUTION is much more complex and has a much larger impact on our every lives, as it cannot be seen, smelled, tasted, heard or felt. Thus it is very complex to diagnose, especially when these fields are are not static. Medics should with immediate effect check for such problems before or while checking for other problems, as the amount of patients affected is already as high as 80%! About 31% of these may already be showing signs of Electro Sensitivity and about 12% suffering from Electro Hyper Sensitivity, unknowingly.
If we are carrying on the way we currently are there will in a few years time be hardly anybody left that might not have problems regarding Electro Smog and then we will have to speak of an epidemic problem - not because there is no cross infection from person to person, but by using the 'handy gadgets' causing all the Electromagnetic Pollution in the first place.

Videos on EMF

INVISIBLE DANGERS - EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields & Radiation)

INVISIBLE DANGERS - EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields & Radiation)

Uploaded by naveenkkr on 16 Nov 2009

Know what is EMF (Electromagnetic Field)?
A basic person can understand the harmfulness we go through every second, Remember EMF is there in every electric products or even electric cable areas,
You can wait till the scientists come and tell you its harmful, or you can prevent yourself. By Throwing away mobile wont stop you from the harmful effects as we are surrounded with mobile towers, satellites and so on.
The entire technology is not only effecting our health, but also the earth's magnetic field which can effect earth's balance.
Always remember the history of the cigarette industry.

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