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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Earth Radiation is a subject that has been researched for many years, in fact for many centuries and in a number of countries, lead by Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland and also China.
But it looks like all the EVIDENCE uncovered is still not enough to get the medics interested enough to somehow link in to this (natural) wisdom and experience to start learning and applying from the numerous and undeniable results documented, enabling them to help and support their patients on an even larger scale and actually going down to the roots. This would surely help with a whole range of illnesses which have been researched and linked to be either caused or seriously influenced/affected in the presence of Earth Radiation.

If you have never heard of EARTH RADIATION, which is very likely …

as this information is (systematically) suppressed and covered up.
This action is often funded by the multi-national medical/chemical companies and conglomerates, who do not want you to use cheaper and more effective alternatives and fear to loose out on their own research and investments into their own patented ranges of drugs.
Their excuse is always that there is not enough evidence . . . to look into these alternatives (on the one side) ad on the other side they are never prepared to go and do a clinical study/research either (out of fear they will loose their face !!).
- Well, is there any University Clinic in South Africa that would like to come forward . . . ???
- Where are all the so called 'researchers' when you need them ???

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress is already the problem - call it the ILLNESS caused - due to exposure to Geopathic Zones over a prolonged time, which are influencing humans, animals and plants alike. You can see this as the physiological stress caused on all living cells while being exposed to and under the influence of Geopathic Zones and EMFs/EMRs.

Even though some people, animals and plants are more sensitive to these conditions and react quicker than others.

Even causes of accidents1 and suicides2 are linked to Geopathic Stress and so are many serious and degenerative illnesses.

It might start with concentration problems, irritability and sleepless nights, chronic tiredness and ending in depression and even suicide or other serious chronic or degenerative illnesses, like cancer, ME, MS, MND and other.
Illustration by Dr. Josef Kopp, Germany

In the above (simplified) illustration you can see the following:

  1. Lightning Strikes in Geopathic Crossings, inclusive Water Veins.
  2. Geopathic Crossing
  3. Cancer Tree
  4. Accident Area on Street
  5. Dowser
  6. Geopathic Crossing = the Focus Point of serious Disease
  7. Damage to Vegetation due to the influence of Geopathic Zones

Please do not forget your Environmental Health, after all it was Gustav Freiherr von Pohl who found the missing link between cancer and sleeping positions already over 83 years ago, with his startling investigation in Vilsbiburg Germany, between December 1928 and January 1929.

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