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DECT Telephones, Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (Digital European Cordless Telecommunications), usually known by the acronym DECT, is a digital communication standard, which is primarily used for creating cordless phone systems. It originated in Europe, where it is the universal standard, replacing earlier cordless phone standards, such as 900 MHz CT1 and CT2.

Beyond Europe, it has been adopted by South Africa, Australia, and most countries in Asia and South America. North American adoption was delayed by United States radio frequency regulations. This forced development of a variation of DECT, called DECT 6.0, using a slightly different frequency range; the technology is nearly identical, but the frequency difference makes the technology incompatible with systems in other areas, even from the same manufacturer. DECT has almost universally replaced other standards in most countries where it is used, with the exception of North America.

DECT is used primarily in home and small office systems, but is also available in many PBX systems for medium and large businesses. DECT can also be used for purposes other than cordless phones. Voice applications, such as baby monitors, are becoming common. Data applications also exist, but have been eclipsed by Wi-Fi. 3G cellular also competes with both DECT and Wi-Fi for both voice and data. Nowadays you can find DECT as well in special applications like Remote Controls for industrial applications.


In January 2011 a low power variant (DECT ULE - Ultra Low Energy) was discussed at the DECT World and CAT-iq Conference with a whitepaper presented by Sitel (Now Dialog) Semiconductor. The first successful interoperability tests were announced by the DECT Forum in June 2011. And in September 2011 Dialog Semiconductor announced the first commercially available DECT ULE devices. Unlike standard DECT, the low power variant enables this standard to be used in battery powered devices such as smartphone app controllable home automation or security systems.

DECT handsets and bases from different manufacturers typically work together at the most basic level of functionality: making and receiving calls. The DECT standard includes a standardized interoperability profile for simple telephone capabilities, called GAP, which most manufacturers implement. The standard also contains several other interoperability profiles, for data and for radio local-loop services.


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Radiation: Cordless (DECT) Phone worse than Cell Phone

Radiation: Cordless (DECT) Phone worse than Cell Phone

Cordless Phones And Electromagnetic Pollution

Cell phones, cell phone towers and wireless hotspots — are commonly cited as examples of technologies which emit radiation and are causing people to become 'electrosensitive'. But what about cordless or DECT phones. Well they use exactly the same wireless technology. Isn't it about time that we began to consider what effect that these wireless technologies have on us, particularly regarding our health? Electromagnetic pollution radiates all around you and it is this 'electrosmog' that is causing electrosensitivity in people.

Electrosmog In Your Body

Electrosmog envelops us every minute of every day. It is in our homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces, and even outside and it is still uncertain what long-term effects it has on our health and DNA. Electromagnetic radiation has become so common that it is virtually impossible to avoid it. Having a cordless phone in your house adds to that.

The Symptoms of Electrosensitivity

Electrosensitivity may cause many various symptoms such as: cardiovascular disruptions, headaches, tiredness, irritability, disequilibrium, visual problems and sleeping disturbances. And the symptoms only get worse when it comes to long-term exposure.

Electromagnetic Pollution From Cordless Phones

Swedish scientists have found that cordless (DECT) phones raise the risk of developing cancer. Researchers studied malignant brain tumour patients' usage of cell phones and their usage of cordless phones, they found the cancer risk was increased for those who used cordless phones and combining the two made the risk even higher.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Pollution?

Knowledge is the best way you can protect yourself and loved ones. For more information on wireless technology download my free report now and see….
I know the facts and tell the truth - I am electrosensitive.

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