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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Yes, it is proclaimed that Coil Spring Mattresses are the best there are!
They are stated to be the best to fully supports the sleeper’s body weight and adjust to the body's shape and are even promoted and endorsed by many orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists.
- If you still believe THIS, which is true never the less, but somehow the most important information was not communicated and therefore you should definitely read this article!

I would have to actually call it an ''antenna and amplifier with an attached resonating circuit''. Why this is the case I will describe as follows.

Yet another complicating factor to your HEALTH - believe it or not- is the use of a coil spring mattress, as this will work like an amplifier of various electro magnetic fields and radiation (EMF/EMR) and also Geopathic Zones.
- This is especially true - and aggravating the problems - when you are also using an electric blanket, as the electric energy is directly transferred to into the mattress, which is then amplifying the electrical field and radiation resonating at the mains frequency of 50Hz/60Hz depending of the country.

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Sleeping with Cancer - Coils in Mattresses act as a giant Radiation Antenna !!

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Your Mattress could be acting as a Cancer-Causing Radiation Antenna

Your Mattress Could be Acting as a Cancer-Causing Radiation Antenna

Uploaded on 20 Dec 2011, by Alexis Mckenzie

Dr. Mercola | August 18 2010

The rate of breast cancer in Western countries is 10 percent higher in the left breast than in the right. This also is true for the skin cancer melanoma.
Researchers have suggested a surprising explanation for this — and for the dramatic increase in rates of breast cancer and melanoma over the past three decades.
In Japan, there is no correlation between the rates of melanoma and breast cancer, and there is no left-side prevalence for either disease. The rate of breast cancer in Japan is also significantly lower than in the West.
This may be due to differences in sleeping habits in Japan and Western countries. Previous research has shown that people prefer to sleep on their right sides, possibly as a way of reducing weight stress on the heart.
This is most likely the same in both the East and the West, but the futons used for sleeping in Japan are mattresses placed directly on the bedroom floor, in contrast to the elevated box springs and mattress of beds used in the West.
According to Scientific American:
"… [A] 2007 study in Sweden conducted between 1989 and 1993 … revealed a strong link between the incidence of melanoma and the number of FM and TV transmission towers covering the area where the individuals lived …
Consider, however, that even a TV set cannot respond to broadcast transmissions unless the weak electromagnetic waves are captured and amplified by an appropriately designed antenna. Antennas are simply metal objects of appropriate length sized to match the wavelength of a specific frequency of electromagnetic radiation."
In the U.S., bed frames and box springs are made of metal, and the length of a bed is exactly half the wavelength of FM and TV transmissions. The maximum strength of the field develops 75 centimeters above the mattress, so when sleeping on your right side, your left side will be exposed to the highest field strength.

Mattress Springs and the Earths Natural Magnetic Field

Mattress Springs and the Earths Natural Magnetic Field

Published on 11 Jun 2012, by StevenMageeBooks
Mattresses are known to be filled with metal coils. How does this interact with the Earths magnetic field? We demonstrate this with a standard compass.

Beds, Fatigue, and Cell Phone Tower Sickness

Beds, Fatigue, and Cell Phone Tower Sickness

Published on 25 Jul 2012, by StevenMageeBooks
The side of the bed that you choose to sleep on can be the deciding factor in whether you are healthy or not. Much to my surprise, I cleared up my fatigue symptoms by simply switching sides! Unfortunately, it did confirm my worst fears that there are patches of harmful radiation in city and suburban environments!!! The current ICNIRP exposure limit to protect against acute heating from microwaves is 61 V/m (at 2.45 GHz). The Public Health Department of the Government of Salzburg (2002) recommend an outdoor exposure limit of 0.06 V/m (0.001 µW/cm2, 1 nW/cm2) and an indoor limit of 0.02 V/m (0.0001 µW/cm2, 0.1 nW/cm2) for radio frequency radiation, to protect against the damaging non-thermal effects of microwaves.

The Voltage on a Metal Coil Mattress from Multiple Electrical Circuits

The Voltage on a Metal Coil Mattress from Multiple Electrical Circuits

Published on 1 May 2013, by StevenMageeBooks
We measure the voltage on a metal coil mattress that is exposed to multiple electrical circuits. I no longer sleep on a metal coil mattress and now sleep on a foam mattress and I have found that my quality of sleep has improved.

The Voltage and Frequencies on a Metal Coil Mattress from CFL and LED Lamps on an Inverter

The Voltage and Frequencies on a Metal Coil Mattress from CFL and LED Lamps on an Inverter

Published on 18 May 2013, by StevenMageeBooks
We test a 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC modified sine wave inverter that is powering 2 LED and 4 CFL light bulbs of different types next to a metal sprung mattress. I lived in an off grid home for a few years and I saw my health run down while I lived there. I now attribute that failing health to dirty electricity exposure. I recovered my health once I started to avoid dirty electricity sources and wireless transmitter emissions. My phone line always had a buzzing on it which appeared to come from the inverter system. My electrician said it was a common feature of off grid homes! I do not recommend that people power their homes with modified sine wave inverters. You may get radio wave sickness and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Now imagine what would happen at 240V !!

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