Chronic Tiredness

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Chronic Tiredness is yet another 'illness' - actually a problem where the body is depleted (drained) of its ENERGY, either by internal chemical reactions (incl. of food and drinks), but also from external influences disturbing the effective working of the body's internal systems !!!

Normally Tiredness is just a result of work. This is natural, but CHRONIC TIREDNESS, which is basically never ending, has to be traced and analysed carefully. The underlying causes are often the most critical influences of the body, which are often either ignored, or not taken serious enough.

As our lifestyle is 'progressing' and our lives are more end more influenced by TECHNOLOGY in a TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT these ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS play a prime factor for or general HEALTH and WELL-BEING.

As our body is more than just a 'mechanical housing' and also has an ingenious 'self-healing mechanism', which automatically activates the immune system and repair mechanisms as needed, to overcome most of the problems and attacks our body is facing during the day.
This system needs enough REST TIME, to recuperate, restore and recharge itself, for fighting the onslaughts of the next day. However, if this system does NOT get enough time to this, its effectivity will gradually decrease, until the 'self-healing mechanism' is so weak, that it can no longer sustain to repair the damages the body has been exposed to during the day, during the nightly recharge phases and re-energize the body's cells and organs.

Chronic Tiredness, is noticeable especially in the mornings, when you are waking up - after a whole night's rest and you are still DEAD TIRED.
Did it ever happen to you - or does it still - that you feel even more drained and tired the longer you tend to sleep (in your bed), trying to actually RECHARGE your batteries?
In the long run this can have a serious effect on your whole body and all the organs, especially the nervous system, also the heart, digestive system and all this even mixed with a low level of concentration and total listlessness to do anything.
- If this is the case with you, you should read the following references carefully and even discuss these problems with your medical doctor or homoeopath.

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