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1 ! Copyright © [legal:copyright] (legal) legal-matters

2 ! Disclaimer [legal:disclaimer] (legal) legal-matters

3 !!! ILLNESSES !!! (Summary) [videos:illnesses] (videos) videos
illness illness_index

4 ! Privacy Policy [legal:privacy-policy] (legal) legal-matters

5 !!! RESEARCHERS !!! (Overview) [videos:researchers] (videos) videos
!index researchers researchers_index

6 !!! STRESS !!! [stress] (_default) illnesses

7 2011-03-11 Fukushima Daiichi - Nuclear Accident [news:2011-03-11-fukushima-daiichi-nuclear-accident] (news)

8 2011-03-15 Germany switches off 7 Nuclear Power Station [news:2011-03-15-germany-switches-off-7-nuclear-power-station] (news)

9 2011-03-17 Head Lice Outbreak in SA Schools [news:2011-03-17-head-lice-outbreak-in-sa-schools] (news)

10 2011-11-11 21h00-00h00 Drinking and Driving [702:2011-11-11-21h00-00h00-drinking-and-driving] (702) talk-at-9-with-kieno-kammies

11 2011-11-14 21h00-00h00 Medical Services and Medical Aid [702:2011-11-14-21h00-00h00-medical-services-and-medical-aid] (702) talk-at-9-with-kieno-kammies

12 2011-11-15 Cows align themselves to Magnetic Field Lines [702:2011-11-15-cows-align-themselves-to-magnetic-field-lines] (702) john-robbie

13 2011-11-15 'Irritable Male Syndrome' [702:overnight-2011-11-15-irritable-male-syndrome] (702) overnight-live

14 2011-11-16 21h00-00h00 Response of Councillor and MP (UK) [702:2011-11-16-21h00-00h00-response-of-councillor-and-mp-uk] (702)

15 2012-02-14 21h00-00h00 HIV & AIDS [702:2012-02-14-21h00-00h00-hiv-and-aids] (702) talk-at-9-with-kay-sexwale

16 2012-05-03 Updated Report writes-off Radiation Fears [itweb:2012-05-03-updated-report-writes-off-radiation-fears] (itweb) itweb

17 2012-06-05 New Nuclear Power Station for South Africa [702:tms-2012-06-05-new-nuclear-power-station-for-south-afric] (702) the-money-show

18 2012-11-27 'Withdrawing a Case of Domestic Violence' vs. 'Water Fluoridation' [702:2012-11-27-withdrawing-a-case-of-domestic-violence] (702) john-robbie

19 2012-11-30 21h00-00h00 'Obesity & Diabetes' [702:2012-11-30-21h00-00h00-obesity-diabetes] (702) talk-at-9-with-eusebius-mckaiser

20 2012-12-27 Health Impacts of DVB-T (Digital TV) [702:2012-12-27-health-impacts-of-dvb-t-digital-tv] (702) john-robbie

21 2013-05 May is EMF and RF Injury Awareness month [awareness:2013-05-may-is-emf-and-rf-injury-awareness-month] (awareness)

22 2013-09-19 Glenvista High pupil suspended for attacking teacher [news:2013-09-19-glenvista-high-pupil-suspended-for-attacking] (news) news
aggression kids news scholars school underlying_causes

23 2013-10-31 (21h00-00h00) Strokes - Prof. Girish Modi [702:2013-10-31-21h00-00h00-strokes-prof-girish-modi] (702) talk-at-9-with-aubrey-masango
aubrey-masango emf girish-modi ill-emf ill-geo illness radio702_talk-at-9 stroke wi-fi

25 2014-08-15: EIA for implementing WiFi in Schools & Hospitals [social-media:2014-08-15-wifi-eia] (social-media) social-media
brainwashing fraud hospitals human_rights_violations public_health public_safety schools wifi

26 2014-08-27 Free Wi-Fi Roll-out in the Western Cape [social-media:2014-08-27-wifi-rollout-in-western-cape] (social-media)

27 2014-08-27 Wi-Fi Roll-out in Western Cape [responses:2014-08-27-wifi-rollout-in-western-cape] (responses)

28 2014-09-21 CapeTalk567 - Owen Simons Interview on EMF/EMR/EMP with Peter Heindl (IFG-sa) [responses:2014-09-21-capetalk567-owen-simons-interview-on-em] (responses) _index

29 2014-09-21 CapeTalk567 with Owen Simons [radio-talks:2014-09-21-capetalk567-with-owen-simons] (radio-talks)

30 3D Glasses [3d-glasses] (_default)

31 3D Wi-Fi [3d-wifi] (_default)

32 3G [wtech:3g] (wtech) wireless-technology

33 44 Reasons to believe Cell Phones can cause Cancer [research:44-reasons-to-believe-cell-phones-can-cause-cancer] (research) research

34 4.5G / LTE-A (Advanced) [wtech:4-5g] (wtech) wireless-technology

35 4g [wtech:4g] (wtech)

36 4G / LTE [tech:4g-lte] (tech)

37 4G/LTE [wtech:4g-lte] (wtech) wireless-technology
3g 4g cellphone lte wireless wireless_technology

38 50/50 (Season 2013) 'Topics to be covered' [50-50-season-2013-topics-to-cover] (_default)

39 50/50 (Season 2013) 'Topics to be covered' [sabc:50-50-season-2013-topics-to-be-covered] (sabc) 50-50

40 5G [wtech:5g] (wtech) wireless-technology

41 702 [deleted:702] (deleted)

42 702 : Jenny Crwys Williams Show [702:jenny-crwys-williams-show] (702) 702

43 702: 2011-03-31 (21:00 - 00:00) Anger and Stress Management [702:2011-03-31-21h00-00h00-anger-and-stress-management] (702) talk-at-9-with-kieno-kammies

44 702: 2012-06-28 21h00-00h00 "Alcohol and Tobacco" [702:2012-06-28-21h00-00h00-alcohol-and-tobacco] (702)

45 702: 2013-08-28 "500.000 Japanese Kids are sent to Internet 'Fasting Camps' " [702:2013-08-28-japanese-kids-sent-to-internet-fasting-camps] (702)

46 702: 2013-08-28 "500.000 Japanese Kids are sent to Internet 'Fasting Camps' " [702:2014-08-28-japanese-kids-sent-to-internet-fasting-camps] (702)

47 702: 'Health and Well-being Hour' 2011-02-05 Cancer [702:saturdaymorning-cancer] (702)
apricot_kernels cancer chemotherapy cyonide leatrile vitamin_b17 world_without_cancer

48 702: JCW 2011-01-24 (15h00-16h00) Stress in Children [702:jcw-2011-01-24-15h00-16h00-stress-in-children] (702)
add adhd bacteria child_developmental_problems chronic_inflammation chronic_tiredness concentration_problems depression food_allergens food_allergy fungi fungus parasites ritalin stress suicide therapy_resistance tiredness toxins treatment_resistance vitamin_deficit

49 702: STRESS in Children . . . [702:2011-01-24-15h00-16h00-stress-in-children] (702)
add adhd bacteria child_developmental_problems chronic_inflammation chronic_tiredness concentration_problems depression food_allergens food_allergy fungi fungus parasites ritalin stress suicide therapy_resistance tiredness toxins treatment_resistance vitamin_deficit

50 800 Public Health Facilities inspected . . . [res-fb:800-public-health-facilities-inspected] (res-fb) facebook

51 A Thought for World Cancer Day (2012-02-04) [pr:a-thought-for-world-cancer-day-2012] (pr) press-releases

52 A Word on Medical Matters with Leigh Bennie [702:a-word-on-medical-matters-with-leigh-bennie] (702)

53 About [about] (_default)

54 Absenteeism [absenteeism] (_default) illnesses

55 ADD / ADHD [adhd] (_default) illnesses
add adhs emf fluoride illness

56 Add Comments [adminp:add-comments] (adminp)

57 Add your Software [add-your-software] (_default) software

58 ADHD Questionnaire [projects:adhd-questionnaire] (projects) index

59 Adverts [adverts] (_default)

60 Agenda 21 [agenda-21] (_default)

61 Aggression [aggression] (_default)

62 Aggression [videos:aggression] (videos)

63 AIDS (HIV) [aids] (_default) illnesses
aids hiv ill-emf ill-geo illness immune_system viral

64 Alcohol and Drug Abuse/Addiction [alcohol-and-drug-abuse] (_default) illnesses
alcohol drugs emf emr geopathic_stress

65 Alcohol and Drug Addiction [alcohol-and-drug-addiction] (_default) illnesses

66 Allergies [allergies] (_default) illnesses

67 Aluminium [aluminium] (_default)
aluminium alzheimers chemtrails cook-ware medicines toxins vaccines

68 Aluminium Cookware [videos:aluminium-cookware] (videos)

69 Alzheimer's Disease [alzheimer-s-disease] (_default) illnesses

70 Alzheimer's Disease [alzheimers] (_default)

71 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) [amyotrophic-lateral-sclerosis] (_default) illnesses

72 Andreas Kopschina [andreas-kopschina] (_default) researchers

73 Angelman Syndrome [angelman-syndrome] (_default) illnesses

74 Anger [anger] (_default)

75 Antibiotics [antibiotics] (_default)

76 Are or do we all become SLAVES of TECHNOLOGY ??? [are-or-do-we-all-become-slaves-of-technology] (_default)
air_pollution cross_pollination drug_resistance emf radiation technology therapy_resistance water_pollution

77 Are we all just Guinea Pigs ??? [guinea-pigs] (_default)

78 Are you suffering from any CHRONIC ILLNESS? [poll:are-you-suffering-from-any-chronic-illness] (poll) _start

79 Arthritis [arthritis] (_default)

80 Aspartame [videos:aspartame] (videos) videos
aspartame bacteria feces gmo videos

81 Aspartame (APM) - 'the legal KILLER ... ?' [aspartame] (_default)
alzheimer's aspartame saccharin sucralose sugar sweetner

82 Asthma [asthma] (_default) illnesses

83 Aubrey Masango [702:aubrey-masango] (702) 702

84 Aura [aura] (_default)

85 Aura [videos:aura] (videos)

86 Autism [autism] (_default) illnesses

87 Baby Monitors [baby-monitors] (_default) wireless-communication
babies baby_monitors dect e-smog emf emr exposure magda_havas wi-fi wireless

88 Bar Black 1 [incl:bar-black-1] (incl)

89 Bar Black 3 [incl:bar-black-3] (incl)

90 Barrie Trower [barry-trower] (_default)

91 Bees [bees] (_default)

92 'Believe it or not' [702:believe-it-or-not] (702) 702

93 'Believe it or not' 2011-09-11 [702:believe-it-or-not-2011-09-11] (702)

94 Benefits [benefits] (_default) start

95 Bill Gates, what now ??? [bill-gates] (_default)

96 Bill Gates, what NOW ??? [bill-gates-what-now] (_default) blunders

97 Bipolar Disorder [bipolar-disorder] (_default) illnesses

98 Bipolar Disorder ('Disease') [bipolar-disease] (_default)

99 Black List [black-list] (_default)

100 Bluetooth [bluetooth] (_default) wireless-communication

101 Body Energy Balancing [body-energy-balancing] (_default)

102 Brain Energy Balancing [brain-energy-balancing] (_default)

103 Breaking News [msg:breaking-news] (msg)

104 Breast Cancer [videos:breast-cancer] (videos) videos

105 Breast Cancer [breast-cancer] (_default)

106 Breast Cancer [research:breast-cancer] (research)

107 Broken Tools & Blunt Tools [broken-tools] (_default)

108 Building Biology (Baubiologie) [building-biology] (_default)

109 Bullying [bullying] (_default) problems

110 Burnout [burnout] (_default)

111 Burn-Out [burn-out] (_default) illnesses

112 Calendar [calendar] (_default)

113 Calendar 2012 [calendar-2012] (_default) calendar

114 Calendar 2013 [calendar-2013] (_default) calendar

115 Calendar 2014 [calendar-2014] (_default)

116 Calendar 2015 [calendar-2015] (_default)

117 Cancer [cancer] (_default) illnesses
cancer cancer_prevention fraud geopathic_stress geopathic_zones gustav_freiherr_von_pohl

118 Cancer (Asbestos) [cancer-asbestos] (_default) cancer
asbestos cancer

119 Cancer is curable now! [videos:cancer-is-curable-now] (videos)

120 Candida Albicans [candida-albicans] (_default)
candida diabetes fungal-infection fungi ill-emf ill-geo illness sugar

121 Car emissions claim more UK lives than road accidents, study finds [news-facts:car-emissions-claim-more-uk-lives-than-road-accid] (news-facts) news-facts

122 Carbonated Drinks [carbonated-drinks] (_default)

123 Case Studies [case-studies] (_default) ifg-sa
asthma cancer chemotherapy geopathic_zones headaches migraine parkinson's_disease

124 Catching & Brainwashing the People with FREE WiFi making them pay with their HEALTH [responses:catching-brainwashing-the-people-with-free-wifi] (responses) _index

125 Category [category] (_default)

126 Causes [causes] (_default)

127 Celebrating 18 Years of excellent Service in South Africa [pr:celebrating-18-years-of-excellent-service-in-south-africa] (pr) press-releases

128 Celebrating 19 Years of excellent Service in South Africa [pr:celebrating-19-years-of-excellent-service-in-south-africa] (pr) press-releases

129 Celebrating 20 Years of excellent Service in South Africa [pr:celebrating-20-years-of-excellent-service-in-south-africa] (pr) press-releases

130 Celebrating 21 Years of Excellent Service in South(ern) Africa [pr:celebrating-21-years-of-excellent-service-in-south-africa] (pr) press-releases

131 Cell Towers & Cancer [cell-towers] (_default) wireless-communication
3g 4g 5g cancer cellphone ehs emf lte radiation sar sar_rating

132 CellC response to angry billboard is how NOT to respond to customers [sn:cellc-response-to-angry-billboard-is-how-not-to-respond-t] (sn) social-networks
banner cell-c court service twitter

133 Cellphones & Cancer [cellphones] (_default) wireless-communication
3g 4g 5g alzheimer cancer cellphone ehs emf lte radiation sar sar_rating wireless

134 Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette [cellular-telephone-russian-roulette] (_default)

135 CFL (Energy Savers) [cfl] (_default)

136 Chat [chat] (_default)

137 Chat Archive [chatarchive] (_default)

138 Chat Room [chatroom] (_default)

139 Check List for 'GS' & 'ES' [check-list] (_default) lists

140 Chemotherapy [chemotherapy] (_default)

141 Chemtrails [chemtrails] (_default)

142 Childhood Cancer [childhood-cancer] (_default)

143 Childlessness [childlessness] (_default) illnesses
childlessness ill-emf ill-geo illness infertility

144 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS) / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) [chronic-fatigue-syndrome] (_default) illnesses

145 Chronic Tiredness [chronic-tiredness] (_default) illnesses

146 Class Action Suit [class-action-suit] (_default)

147 Classical Music Videos [videos:classical-music-videos] (videos) music
classical music videos videos_music_classical

148 Clock Radios [clock-radios] (_default)

149 Coil Spring Mattresses [coil-spring-mattress] (_default)
adults babies cancer children chronic_illnesses emf emr geopathic_stress geopathic_zones sleep

150 Coil Spring Mattresses [coil-spring-mattresses] (_default)

151 Constitution of South Africa [constitution] (_default)
constitution law legal

152 Constitution (South Africa) [legal:constitution-south-africa] (legal) legal-matters

153 Consultations [consultations] (_default) ifg-sa

154 Consumer Links [consumer-links] (_default)

155 Contact Email [contact-email] (_default)

156 Contact Form [contact-form] (_default)

157 Contact Information [contact] (_default) start

158 Contact Message [contact-message] (_default)

159 Copyright [java:copyright] (java)

160 Cot Death / SIDS = Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [cot-death] (_default) illnesses
ill-emf ill-geo illness

161 Cover-Ups [cover-ups] (_default)

162 CSS Dark Blue [css-dark-blue] (_default)

163 CSS___Graphics [css-graphics] (_default)

164 CSS_IFG-sa [css-ifgsa] (_default)

165 CSS_IFGsa_02 [css-ifgsa-02] (_default)

166 CSS___IFGsa_03 [css-ifgsa-03] (_default)

167 CSS_Shiny [css-shiny] (_default)

168 Current News Items [news:current-news-items] (news)

169 Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Mucoviscidosis [cystic-fibrosis] (_default) illnesses

170 DA Facebook Posting 2012-12-21 'ANC forcing e-Tolling' [org:da-facebook-posting-2012-12-21-anc-forcing-e-tolling] (org)

171 DECT (cordless) Phones [dect] (_default)

172 DECT Cordless Phones [dect-phones] (_default) wireless-communication

173 Democratic Alliance [org:democratic-alliance] (org)

174 Department of Health [gov:department-of-health] (gov) responses

175 Depression [depression] (_default) illnesses
ill-emf ill-geo illness

176 Depression [videos:depression] (videos)

177 Diabetes ('Diabetes mellitus') [diabetes] (_default) illnesses

178 Dietrich Klinghardt [videos:dietrich-klinghardt] (videos)
cell_towers cellphones dietrich_klinghardt emf emr klinghardt medical-doctors researchers rf smart-meters the_health_crisis_of_our_time

179 Digital Migration (Implementation of Digital Terrestrial TV) unconstitutional? [responses:digital-migration-implementation-of-digital-terres] (responses) _index

180 Dirty Electricity [dirty-electricity] (_default)

181 Diseases caused . . . [diseases-caused] (_default)

182 Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? [responses:do-cell-phones-cause-cancer] (responses) _index

183 Do Laptops make you sick ? [laptops] (_default)

184 Do you like this Website [poll:do-you-like-this-website] (poll) _start

185 DoH - Depression [gov:doh-depression-2011-11-11-03h57] (gov) department-of-health

186 DoH: Academy for Leadership and Management in Health Care [gov:doh-academy-for-leadership-and-management-in-health-care] (gov) department-of-health

187 DoH: EMF and Diabetes / Cell Phone Radiation Standards [gov:doh-emf-and-diabetes] (gov) department-of-health

188 Donations [donations] (_default)

189 Download Tips/Support [download-support] (_default)

190 Downloads [downloads] (_default)

191 Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy [andrew-goldsworthy] (_default) researchers

192 Dr. Barrie Trower [barrie-trower] (_default) researchers

193 Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt [dietrich-klinghardt] (_default) researchers

194 Dr Eve promotes toddlers to use Wireless Gadgets ... ? [sn:2] (sn) social-networks
dr_eve ehs emf tablets toddlers twitter wireless

195 Dr Eve 'promoting' Smart Phone use in the Bedroom [fb:dr-eve-promoting-smart-phones-in-the-bedroom] (fb)
!fb dr_eve ehs emf smart_phones technology wifi

196 Dr. Joel M Moskowitz [joel-m-moskowitz] (_default)

197 Dr. Karl Maret [karl-maret] (_default)

198 Dr. Lennart Hardell [lennart-hardell] (_default) researchers
blood-brain-barrier cancer cellphones emf emr

199 Dr. Leonard Coldwell [deleted:leonard-coldwell] (deleted)

200 Dr Mamphela Ramphele's New Political Party, February 2013 [pr:dr-mamphela-ramphele-s-new-political-party-february-2013] (pr) press-releases

201 Dr Neil Cherry [neil-cherry] (_default) researchers

202 DRAFTS:Message_001 [drafts:message-001] (drafts)

203 Draft:Table Test [temp:table-test] (temp)

204 Dumping Sewage is Criminal Offence! - Microwave Radiation is not ? [responses:dumping-sewage-is-criminal-offence-microwave-radia] (responses) _index
legal-matters radiation sewage sewage_vs_radiation

205 DVB-T / DVB-T2 [wtech:dvb-t] (wtech) wireless-technology

206 DVB-T2 [wtech:dvb-t2] (wtech) wireless-technology

207 DVDs [dvds] (_default)

208 Earth Radiation [earth-radiation] (_default) radiation

209 Earth Rays [earth-rays] (_default)
geological_faults magnetic_field_lines radiation water_veins

210 Ebola [ebola] (_default)
disease ill_disease infectious-disease

211 Ebola [videos:ebola] (videos) videos
disease illness infectious-disease

212 eBooks (free DOWNLOADS) [dl:ebooks] (dl)

213 eBooks (payable downloads) [dl:ebooks-payable] (dl)

214 Editing Pages [system:editing-pages] (system) help

215 EFFECTS of (additional) Energy Treatments [energy-treatments] (_default) reflexology

216 EHS - Electro Hyper Sensitivity [electromagnetic-hypersensitivity] (_default) illnesses

217 Electric Blankets [electric-blankets] (_default) emf-emr
adults babies children electric-blankets emf

218 Electrical & Electronic Devices [electronic-devices] (_default)

219 Electro Pollution & Radiation [text:electro-pollution-radiation] (text)

220 Electro Smog [electro-smog] (_default)

221 Electro Stress [electro-stress] (_default) emf-emr

222 Electro(-magnetic) (Hyper) Sensitivity (ES/EHS) [electro-hyper-sensitivity] (_default) illnesses
allergy emf emr energy gadget_allergy radiation

224 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) - Public‬ ‪Hearing‬ (EU, January 2015) [research:electromagnetic-hypersensitivity-ehs-public-hearing] (research) research

225 Electromagnetic Interference with Medical Devices from 3G Mobile Phone & 4G/ LTE [research:electromagnetic-interference-with-medical-devices] (research) research

226 Electromagnetic Pollution [electromagnetic-pollution] (_default) emf-emr

227 Electromagnetic Pollution [electro-pollution] (_default)

228 Electromagnetic Radiation in the School Environment [electromagnetic-radiation-in-the-school-environment] (_default)

229 Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Built for Efficiency, often backfire [news-facts:electronic-medical-records-emr-built-for-efficien] (news-facts) news-facts

230 EMF & Coil Spring Mattresses [videos:emf-coil-spring-mattresses] (videos)

231 EMF - ElectroMagnetic Fields [emf] (_default) emf-emr
electric_field electromagnetic_radiation magnetic_field radiation

232 EMF / EMR [emf-emr] (_default) radiation

233 EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) [electro-magnetic-fields] (_default)
electric_field electromagnetic_radiation magnetic_field radiation

234 EMF Mind-Control [public:emf-mindcontrol-form] (public)

235 EMF News [emf:emf-news] (emf)

236 EMF: News (2006) [emf:news-2006] (emf) emf-emr
emf emr

237 EMF: News (2011) [emf:news-2011] (emf) emf-emr

238 EMF: News (latest) [emf:emf-news-latest] (emf) emf-emr

239 EMF Research [videos:emf-research] (videos) videos

240 EMF Scientists ( [emf-scientists] (_default)

241 EMF Summit 2014 [emf-conferences:emf-summit-2014] (emf-conferences)

242 EMF Therapy [emf-therapy] (_default)

243 EMF Treatments / Therapy [emf-treatments] (_default)
blood-circulation cancer circulation emf energy immune-system infection pain pemf regeneration wounds

244 EMF: Videos on Radiation, Cellphones & Cancer [emf:emf-videos-cellphones-cancer] (emf) videos
3g 4g cancer cellphone ehs emf radiation sar sar_rating

245 EMFs and 'Mind Control' [emfs-and-mind-control] (_default)
brain_washing emf emr mind_control radiation

246 EMFscientists [emfscientists] (_default)

247 EMR - ElectroMagnetic Radiation [emr] (_default) emf-emr
e-smog e_smog electro_smog electromagnetic_hypersensitivity

248 Endocrine Disruptors [endocrine-disruptors] (_default)

249 Endocrine System [endocrine-system] (_default)

250 Endometriosis [endometriosis] (_default) illnesses

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