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These cases might sound too good to be true, but they are ALL TRUE - and very much so !!

5 year old boy's severe Asthma vanishes in just 14 days (basically over night) !!

My very first case I investigated for remuneration on a professional basis, is still deeply engraved in my mind. This was in May 1993, when an ex colleague approached me, if I would be able to help the son of his friend who is suffering from severe asthma and even has to take the inhaler pump with him to the kindergarten, daily.
After carefully analysing the whole sleeping area of the bed I pinpointed a strong water vein in the head, neck, shoulder and lung area of the child. We followed the cheapest option and moved the bed out of the affected area, pushing it about 80 cm towards the foot end, as there was enough space to move.
About 14 days later the father of the boy called me and thanked me for my effective way of handling and solving the problem. I have not heard from them since.

8 months of suffering from heavy Migraine Headaches disappear overnight

… after the bedroom was inspected and certain actions had been taken.
Previously the patient was suffering for over 8 months even though she was visiting a string of medical doctors starting with her family doctor, later she was sent to specialists, inclusive of neurologists, when they struggled to find anything, she was booked into hospital and all the tests possible were done, Blood Tests, Allergy Tests, various X-Rays and Scans - including a Brain Scan, until she came to us, after being told they cannot do anything for her any more and she might have a psychological problem and needs to see a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Investigation & Findings:
The main problem was the EXPOSURE TO ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION from a 5-way Multi-Plug in immediate proximity (±20cm) of her head - as this was screwed onto the outside of her bed's headboard. There was also a strong EMF from the two electric blankets, 2 bedside lamps and the clock radio also interfered.

The radiation was removed by removing the Multi-Plug and moving the bed 70cm from the wall, to be away from the wires in the wall, too !
Additionally the critical radiation from electric blankets was removed by unplugging them, as switching them OFF did not help (due to single pole switch and phase problems it is always better to unplug!). 2 bed-side lamps and a clock radio were also unplugged and removed from the bedroom.

This problem was solved instantly (before 2002) and the patient did not need to come back since.
The work done to solve this case (investigation and removal of the problem) was under 30 minutes, just for the main bedroom.
Thereafter the whole house was also tested, just to be on the safe side. In total this included 3 bedrooms, lounge, dining room and kitchen.
The most critical are the bedrooms, however in the lounge & TV rooms as well as in the kitchen normally plenty of electric appliances, were a whole spectrum of radiation is normally found, is also of importance.

After 3 weeks in hospital a patient diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease was released and sent home in a wheelchair.

His wife called for support with reflexology treatments (on Friday). After the 1st treatment at their home he came the following day in his wheelchair, supported by his wife and son. 3 people had to lift him onto and off the massage bed. After the 2nd treatment (on Saturday) his bedroom, sleeping place and the rest of the house where inspected and the bed (sleeping area) was successfully screened from the Geopathic Zones so it could no longer be harmful to the body and the body could get enough time to do the necessary 'repair work' needed.
Coming (alone) for his 4th treatment he was already walking by himself on 2 crutches. Having had treatments every day of the week (except Sundays) he was able to even drive his cars again after only 10 days and has totally recovered (1998) and is still well now. I had last met him at a shopping centre (Aug. 2010) and asking him how he was, I got 2 thumbs-up as an answer.
- What a shock the original diagnose of 'Parkinson's Disease' must have been to him and his whole family before he left the hospital.

5 year old boy in remission after Cancer treatment with Chemotherapy. - Now clear of cancer.

Only after the sleeping area was screened off from the harmful Earth Radiation (Earth rays)
the actual chemotherapy treatment started to get effective.
That was in 2008 and the boy is now attending school.
- More details will follow.

Investigation into Suicide Cases (without prior knowledge)

Having already investigated many houses, for Geopathic Zones (GZ) and EMF/EMR, I have also indicated severe problems in head and neck area for 2 cases of suicide, of which I was totally unaware before.
However when I found strong radiation and even a double zone (crossing of two or more problem zones) in the head and neck areas and asked whether the person sleeping there had lots of headaches or felt strange and depressed at times. It was quite a shock to me at first to find out that they had committed suicide, even though I knew very well about the link and problematics between Geopathic Stress and depression leading to suicide from before.
- But after all, this yet again just is proof, what I learnt was correct and was glad that to see that the parents could now get closure, as it made sense to them what I explained to them.

Many such problems and suffering (for the remaining family members) could effectively be prevented had the house or sleeping places been tested and the proper precautions been taken.
— Further reading: Suicide, Robert Endrös, Search website for Suicide

4 year old always sleeps next to or along-side his mattress

In 1999 I was called to do an investigation on the 17th floor of a famous flat building with 25 floors (in Pretoria, now declared UNSAFE to live in - but for different reasons), as their 4 year old son always sleeps next to the mattress and not on it. Every morning the parents see him sleep next to the mattress with only the head on the edge of the mattress, so they wanted me to come and investigate what was going on there.
Firstly I told them the basics about what I am going to do and what geopathology is all about, as I normally do.
Then I asked them that I noticed that since my arrival the fish in the aquarium never used to move in the right half of the aquarium. Yes they said the fish never go to the right hand side of the aquarium.

I told them that there are certain animals that are very sensitive to this kind of radiation, and instinctively omit these places, as they do not feel safe or at ease there. These are called radiation fleers. However there are also other animals that like these kind of places with radiations, the so called radiation seekers. The same is true in the plant world. They where very interested in this revelation.
So, before I started the actual investigation I was supposed to do, I checked the area around the aquarium and found a reasonably strong geopathic zone on the right half of the aquarium and asked if I could move it further to the left. Quickly the man of the house helped me move it out of the affected area plus a safety margin of about 40 cm (± 80cm in total).

Then we proceeded to the bedroom of the (4 year old) son.
Testing the whole area of the mattress , as it was lying on the floor, I was not at all astonished that their son was choosing to sleep like he did, as this was basically the only safe area for him to sleep, as the rest of the mattress was in a geopathic zone, caused through a water vein.
— I will have to post a graph or drawing of it here later, else it is difficult to describe it! —
After moving the mattress into an unaffected location of the room, their son was sleeping on the mattress through out the night and also was lying on it in the morning.

After completing all my work in the flat and just before leaving, I was still checking on the fish. The 4 year old was delighted and astonished that they where now already using the whole area of the aquarium.
So you can see, that animals can adopt to new changes in under an hour, where it is not 'logical' for normal humans to do the same. The child did the right thing, even though it did not make sense to his parents at all - at least at the time! However it all sank in later, when they could see the immediate and direct effect.

Here you can see that this specific (Earth) RADIATION is still present - even on the 17th floor and higher up. (The highest level I have tested for was the 33rd floor of a building were the people also had sleeping disorders and several chronic illnesses.)
— So now please be careful and observe nature, it will be for your own good.

Please note:

If you do not get out of the health affecting Electromagnetic Radiation and/or Geopathic Zones, then problems - inclusive CANCER, Allergies and other (chronic) illnesses - will either become treatment resistant or come back, as long as the SOURCE of the PROBLEMS is not removed or effectively screened off!
Our work is based on founded research (from 1928) and trusted and reliably proven investigation and methods for remedial action, which have even been awarded a research prize in November 1994, in Germany.

The worst you could to for your health is …

… to continue sleeping in a bed, when you are already sick without having the sleeping place tested. The more time you are going to spend there, the worse the problem(s) could get. This is especially true, as people normally also retire to bed when they are sick, still increasing the exposure time and actual dosage of the already problematic radiation, which is already harming the body.

Therefore it would always be the best to have your house - especially the BEDROOM tested for these problem zones (Geopathic Zones) and Electro Stress including Electromagnetic Radiation.

— This is only the beginning …

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