Some FACTS about the 'Blunt Tools' of Medical Science

We stand for: PREVENTION is the best CURE !!!

However, we can also HELP YOU with these ILLNESSES and related PROBLEMS !!!

Remember: Your Doctor, is not the 'Master of your Health' - you are,
and entitled to a 2nd and 3rd Opinion … and more if you need!



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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

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In the meantime, you might think about the following PROBLEMS:

  1. If you are sick you go to see a doctor.
  2. The doctor examines you, makes a diagnosis and gives you a prescription for medicine.
  3. Thereafter you go to the Chemist and get your medicine.
  4. You take the medicine until it is finished and the problems are gone.
  5. You feel happy again.


What would you do if your HOUSE was sick ??
- Call a doctor ???

In the next 100 years and more there will be no cure or medication you can take, to sort out any problems relating to your house - if ever.

Various researchers and doctors in Europe where and are still looking for a house that is sick and in which the people living are healthy - and that since the mid 1920's !!
— Well, I think they will NEVER find such a house, as it is impossible!
— The ENVIRONMENT just has too much of a strangle-hold on us, so you might just observe your ENVIRONMENT and Nature and learn from it !

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You can repair your car and trim and tune it to your heart's content, however if the actual (and underlying) problem is the road condition, you are stuck right there.
- I don't think you will find any car mechanic even trying to do that, or do you?

Well, in Medicine it is the very similar, with the only problem, that the medics are still trying to get it right 'sometime in the future' - by doctoring problems that are actually outside the body itself (by treating the symptoms!), wasting Billions of valuable money in large research projects - which could have been spent on much cheaper more important and effective tasks.
Let me quote Albert Einstein, here: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Currently the medics will help and support your problems, like giving you a towel to dry yourself off with, but most of them totally forget about that running tap in the shower, you are still standing under!

We can place a man on the moon but we are struggling to cure Cancer, HIV/AIDS and many other illnesses successfully!!
- Something must be wrong !!!

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Cellphones are added to list of potential risks for cancer, by the WHO - (31 May 2011)

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