2013-05 May is EMF and RF Injury Awareness month

May 2013, is Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Radio Frequency Radiation (RF) Injury Awareness month

Are EMF’s affecting your Health?


May is Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Radio Frequency Radiation (RF) Injury Awareness month!

Do you feel ill, or unwell when you’re near cell phones, fluorescent lights, wi-fi, computers, or Smart Meters? Are you suffering from symptoms doctors cannot explain or help with? Do you feel more at peace when the electricity goes out?

Some people:

1) are aware that electromagnetic fields and wireless radiation affect their health or make them feel unwell; or
2) have been injured by electromagnetic fields and wireless radiation; or
3) have electromagnetic radiation sickness.

Reducing exposure to EMF’s and RF, aka wireless is known to help improve health and well being.

Potential health problems:


The State of California advises prudent avoidance of EMFs.

A recent Study from Finland found that prudent avoidance was the best way to restore health for people with “electrical sensitivity”. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization classifies EMF and RF wireless as 2B (possible) carcinogens, same as DDT and lead!

Simple safety steps you can take:

  • Use a corded landline for phone calls, remove cordless DECT phones.
  • Use cell phones for emergencies. Do not carry a cell phone “on” your body, use a speakerphone.
  • Use a wired internet connection. Remove Wi-Fi. Ensure the router and computer Wi-Fi is turned off.
  • Remove Smart Meters and restore the true analogue meter, not a radio off smart meter, not a digital analogue.
  • Remove CFL’s and fluorescent lighting.
  • Sleep in an electricity free bedroom. Turn the power off at the breaker box.
  • More suggestions.
  • Read about how utility "Smart" Meters are making people sick.