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How to best explain "Aura"

How to best explain the Aura of a person or that every one actually does have an Aura is not so easy!
Why is it that people often cannot even handle talking about it or using the word Aura?

The Aura in fact is not much more than your natural energy field which also protects you from certain harm, similar to your skin, just on a different level.

Let us get a little more involved in that.

  • Did you know, that one can actually measure the size of anyone's Aura?
  • The larger the size of your Aura, the better your state of health actually is.
  • So sick people do have a smaller Aura. Yes and that you can also measure!


The Aura Types - Ra Uru Hu - Human Design System

The Aura Types - Ra Uru Hu - Human Design System


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