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The naturopath Andreas Kopschina coined the term geopathology (in the late 1980's) and gives the professional term geopathologist a high degree of popularity and general acceptance. His comprehensive approach has helped thousands of people sustainably improve their health.
This success has led to many copycats the meantime, some with similar names, studies, using text excerpts from his writings to give the impression to achieve the same success with their methods.

Besides being a researcher, Andreas Kopschina was also an electrician, naturopath and homoeopath, lecturer and book author.
He wrote several books and papers.

Andreas started his own research, where Gustav Freiherr von Pohl left off. Later he was looking for suitable and effective screening materials which he found after a long search, testing a whole string of materials.

I also remember him showing me a strip of slide film (the length of a whole spool) in 1994 which he had carefully wrapped in a black plastic bag and the whole strip exposed directly above a water vein, trapping the radio active particles on the films strip. It's a pity I never asked him for a copy there of. This must have been the first time this was attempted.

The modern times

In the meantime some other stresses to civilization ('civilization illnesses') have joined the problems of the classic "Earth rays". In addition to these technical interferences ("Electro Smog") from power lines and transmission facilities, as well as heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants, contaminate our drinking water and food, which is a growing problem.
The Geo Test / Heavy Metal Test performed on urine samples, valuable information about the patient can be obtained and which laboratory diagnostics would best lead to the trail of the underlying problem.

Erdstrahlen - Neue Methoden sich wirksam vor Krankheiten zu schützen (©1991), ISBN: 3-612-20283-9

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