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Institute for Geopathology SA

Research and Training Institute

Helping to solve Environmental Health Problems for Humanity

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Address: 223 Jack Hindon Street, Pretoria North, ZA-0182, South Africa

Tel.: 084 657-4774
Fax: 086 733-0681

Website: Institute for Geopathology SA
Skype: Peter_Heindl___IFG-sa

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Professional Networks: SkillPages, MyGenius, Xing, LinkedIn, Naymz

Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter: (Geopathology, Reflexology, Tachyon Energy)

We have solid and founded SOLUTIONS, right at the forefront of HEALTH TECHNOLOGY.

The most important was even awarded a Research Prize in November 1994, in Germany.

The Institute for Geopathology SA is providing 'The Missing Link' between the Environment, Medicine and Environmental Health (but also touching on and including Allergology, Toxicology, Building-Biology, Physics, Biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Geo-Physics, Geo-Biology and others) and has already helped many people since 1993.

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