2012-06-05 New Nuclear Power Station for South Africa
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Nuclear Energy / New Nuclear Power Plant for South Africa ???

Nuclear Energy is DEFINITELY NOT the way to go for South Africa !!!

See: Nuclear Energy

Instead of spending all the money proposed for that new Nuclear Power Station in SA, we could build a large scale Tesla Generator and generate Electricity for FREE !!!

- This was done before on a smaller scale. Nikola Tesla was however stopped by his funders (like GP Morgan), when they cut his money supply after they found out he wanted to generate electricity for all - and for FREE !!!
Just get the RIGHT PEOPLE in the right positions and all will be well. Oh yes, and they will have to DO something, too!

This is NOT Fiction, but Reality !!

Tesla even had a petrol car, which he converted to an electric car and drove it generating ELECTRICITY on the fly from the 'air' (the surrounding energy) - already in 1932 !!!
See: Tesla's wireless electric car (1932) !!


- The rest is only a compromise !

So, let's get our THINKING CAPS on and get going … !!!

I almost forgot to mention, that each and every CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV and Computer Monitor has a small Tesla Coil to push up the voltage for the tube!
This is called a LOPT (Line OutPut Transformer)
See: Flyback Transformer

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