The Health and Well-Being Hour 2012-10-13 'Functional Medicine'
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Source: TalkRadio 702
Date: 2012-10-13, Sat
Program name: Health and Well-being Hour
Host/Presenter: Errol Balantine
Topic: Functional Medicine
Guests: Dr. Kristi Hughes and Dr. Patrick
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Congratulations to the guests, for seeing the whole body as it is and tackling the underlying causes, as they are to be and not just administering medication to suppress the symptoms.

Unfortunately I could not call-in and give my input personally, due to the 702 staff, which is why I will award them a 5 STAR-rated Thumbs Down to 702, Errol Balantine and his crew, for not letting me speak on air yet again, to raise my points and give my inputs and will give them here online, as usual - as I see this as a Matter of IMPORTANCE !

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There are many influences which are threatening our health on a 24 hour basis and over 90% of the illnesses mentioned throughout the show have direct or indirect links Geopathic Zones and Electro-Magnetic Fields / Electro-Magnetic Radiation. Also see more references under Illnesses

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