Technobyte 2012-11-23 'Glorifying' Wireless Gadgets for Schools
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As posted on TECHNOBYTE with Aki Anastasiou:
(2012-11-23, 11:56)

The Post on Technobyte:

My Response:

A $20 tablet with Wi-Fi would be the death-stab in schools !
- Some Children are running on Ritalin and Prozac already …

That Electromagnetic RADIATION from WIRELESS Communication causes severe HEALTH ISSUES is nothing new, just covered up by the relative (linked) industry and governments (which make a killing on Tax Money), too.
- I am NOT sucking these infos out of my thumb as it is not that big!
Just see:

Other news has shown that WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY affects children and teachers.UK and French school are already PULLING Wi-Fi Installations out again, after they reported getting SICK from the RADIATION !!!
"UK schools pull the plug on WiFi for alleged health reasons"

We in South Africa will first have to make exactly the SAME COSTLY MISTAKES - when will we ever LEARN ANYTHING ???

The following Departments, PLEASE WAKE-UP !!!
Education + Health + Environment
This is s serious matter and of National Importance!