Redi Tlhabi Show (2013-04-09) One-Sidedness and Advertiser's Politics on Radio
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Official COMPLAINT to Talk Radio 702:

Message as posted on the page of TalkRadio702 (2013-04-09, ±11:42)

Dear Radio 702 Management and all staff !
Dear Listeners (for information) !

Why did you not take my call and let me get on air with my important QUESTION & COMMENT ??????????

Don't we have more than ENOUGH CHILDREN with SPECIAL NEEDS already, if we are not very careful we will get MANY MORE and that VERY SOON !!!
It seems that it's a PROBLEM even now, so WHY was I not allowed to get my QUESTION / REMARK out there to the so called "PROFESSIONALS" ???

The call screener told me she 'knows' that these problems cannot be prevented …. - Oh sure !
When I asked her where she studied, she put the phone down on me !!
Well THIS gesture only shows that you don't want to get the TRUTH out there anyway and that you only follow your very limited "Guidelines".
The very same is true with all the efforts I have made to get IMPORTANT TRUE FACTS out there and you just cut me OFF, when I start speaking that WIRELESS COMMUNICATION/RADIATION is a large HEALTH RISK.

Just because you don't fall over DEAD immediately you are using a WIRELESS DEVICE does not mean it is SAFE.
- Where did you ever hear that the WIRELESS INDUSTRY told you that their TECHNOLOGY was in fact SAFE ???
- Untested and unsafe technology is forced down our throat on a daily basis, and EVERYONE is falling for it, just because it is so convenient to use it. It is far easier to reach for your cell phone, than to walk up to your telephone and use the land line!

- You are making yourself LIABLE in MISINFORMING THE PUBLIC!!

I rest my case !

Kind regards
Peter Heindl