Redi Tlhabi Show 2013-03-15 Sleep Apnea and Sexual Dysfunctions
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Sleep Apnea and Sexual Dysfunctions

Both the above conditions are influenced by Electromagnetic Pollution/Electromagnetic Radiation.

… as posted on the Facebook page of Redi Tlhabi Show (2012-03-02-15, ±11:45)

Hello Redi & Prof. Shingai Mutambirwa.

most mentioned ILLNESSES & PROBLEMS have DIRECT LINKS to Electromagnetic Pollution / Electromagnetic Radiation !!!

Please see:

The faster THIS is realised by the medics, the quicker we can assist the patients and help them to get better and STAY HEALTHY !!
This is NO JOKE, but FACT and BIO-PHYSICAL IMPLICATIONS caused by the Electromagnetic Pollution / Electromagnetic Radiation.

… as posted on the Facebook page of Redi Tlhabi Show (2012-02-15, ±11:48)

Caller's Problems?
We have the SOLUTION for patients & doctors:

Chronic Fatigue


For other PROBLEMS mentioned in the Program, like:
Heart Problems
STRESS !!! -

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