Redi Tlhabi Show 2013-03-13 'New Alcohol Law to ban Sale on Sunday'
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… just posted on the Redi Tlhabi Show's Facebook page:
(2013-02-13, ±10:20)

Issue: 'New Alcohol Law to ban Sale on Sunday'

What do we say to the Introduction of such a new 'Alcohol Law' …

Hello Redi & Team, Management and to whom it may concern.

These new Alcohol ('RESTRICTIONS' for Sundays) Laws to be implemented are just ridiculous, why not focus on the ESSENTIALS ???

Did you know that Electromagnetic Pollution / RADIATION has a far greater EFFECT on people - and this with out most of them actually knowing about and/or having given any CONSENT !!! ???
This is what upsets me …

Government and the Wireless Industry are just holding each other's hand ….
the same with the Medical Industry! The more they can sell the more TAX they 'earn' even if it is to the actual DOWNFALL of the people and their HEALTH and WELL-BEING !!!
- Who cares ???

To fix the caused problems - we have a well established and crippling HEALTH SYSTEM in place that is falling apart at each end at least once every month!

Why is the prophet in the same country not heard?
I have been preaching THIS STUFF for the last 20 YEARS NOW !
Those who have listened and acted have gotten well - even after MANY MONTHS in their doctor's care without much success!

Let's speak about these NATIONAL PROBLEMS !!!
- But it seems the last eMail shot I had sent out to the most famous radio presenters, like you and also your Top Management, hast yet again fallen on DEAF EARS.
- Thus I can but accuse you all of Ostrich Politics, just like Government!

Only when there is a REAL CRISIS on Hand then all of a sudden EVERYONE is SHOUTING for about a week or two !!! Thereafter it is silent in the bush again …. until the next problem happens !!

In the mean time the industry can just carry on unhindered in ROLLING OUT EVEN MORE and UNTESTED and UNSAFE Technology literally forcing even MORE RADIATION down our throats and into our Brains on a 24/365 basis!
- Now, if THIS is not CRIMINAL, what please is it then???

Almost on a daily basis new earth shattering Research about the detrimental effects of WIRELESS COMMUNICATION comes to light … yet it is not spoken about - and if, it is made off as hear say ans propaganda!
However please tell me of 1 SINGLE INCIDENT, where the Mobile (WIRELESS) industry has even claimed that Cell phone technology is SAFE ???

They are always ONLY HIDING behind the phrase "There is no conclusive evidence that Cell Phone Radiation causes health problems or even cancer."

Now, how about that COURT DECISION in Italy, where it was proven that the brain tumour was caused by using a cell phone?

This situation is far more problematic than anyone can imagine and that also includes the Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi - else he would have already started doing something about this a long time ago!
I heard him say on Talk Radio 702 only a few months ago, that "cancer will be a very big problems in South Africa in the very near future", but I am still waiting for any ACTIONS and more detailed explanations !!!
- Need any more FACTS, be my guest??? !! !!
. . . !! !!

Did I forget to mention …

Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Addiction

… and also

4G/LTE Technology

►►► WAKE-UP - THINK - ACT !!! ◄◄◄