Redi Tlhabi Show 2012-11-22 'Matters of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE'
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… just posted on the Redi Tlhabi Show's Facebook page:
(2012-11-22, 11:05)

Hello Redi @RediTlhabi, may I take you up on the matters of #National #Importance … Please see: & add #Bullying, too.

… let me EXPAND on the the Twitter feed …
_Bullying_ from and by Government and also in schools !!!

The Underlying Cause for BULLYING in schools might pretty well be Electromagnetic Radiation - but tell THAT to the medics … !!!
- They always seem to know EVERYTHING BETTER and without knowing the ACTUAL PROBLEM start 'medicating' - or should I rather say CHEMICAL WARFARE - because that's exactly what it actually is !
### This is INFRINGING the "HUMAN RIGHTS" as laid down in our CONSTITUTION - if there is still such a thing in our so called "DEMOCRACY" any longer anyway !!!

As is almost common knowledge by now that Electromagnetic Radiation is genotoxic and neurotoxic, the medics - as well as our "National Custodians for our Health and Well-being" from the Departments of Health and Department of Environment - just have not caught up with these FACTS !!!
I wonder when they will finally pull their Heads out of the Sand and start acting on the PROBLEMS all around us, it is already reaching EPIDEMIC STAGES !!!

I have 1st hand information and experiences with many doctors who are in TOTAL DENIAL of these FACTS and impacts of Electromagnetic Pollution and RADIATION, affecting the GENETIC MATERIALS inside each living cell, as well as the whole NERVOUS SYSTEM inclusive of the BRAIN and also the HORMONE LEVELS in the body.
This is why these EFFECTS are so huge and NOT TO BE 'DOCTORED AWAY' with any medication in the long run, UNLESS these PROBLEMS are REMOVED AT THE SOURCE !!!

Government is in co-hoods with the associated Industry and only interested in the TAX MONEY these TECHNOLOGIES are rolling in on a daily basis !!
- Just look around yourself with open eyes !!! It is Cellphone Towers and WIRELESS LAN Towers (which are hidden very well - even inside billboards, shopping centres, church towers and other places.

I am not writing it all up here all over again, but make reference to available reference material that gives the FACTS and problems which are still DENIED and even COVERED UP !!! - This alone is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE, as the Public has the right to know, what they are letting themselves into !!
If there is only a HINT of DANGER, it is the Government's DUTY, to warn the Public about such problems. However what they are doing is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE - they POISON OUR WATER with highly toxic chemicals and are telling us Fairy Tales and BLATANT LIES that this is "HEALTHY". Since when is FLUORIDE HEALTHY ???

Please see:
… do I need to carry on ???

Please, Redi, DO THE RIGHT THING with THIS INFORMATION, else you seem to be just another accomplice ('handlanger') of the Government !! - Sorry to say, but that's how things stand.

Kind regards