Redi Tlhabi Show 2012-11-01 Rehabilitaion of Offenders
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In response to the topics of the show, posted on the The Redi Tlhabi show on Talk Radio 702 and 567 CapeTalk Facebook Page (2012-11-01 12:00)

Dear Redi and listeners/readers,

the Rehabilitation of 'convicts'/offenders is not so easy.
As the current gust just said 85% will relapse!
- So ONLY 15% are a success. This is FAR TOO LITTLE !!!

If we stand together, we could do something about this, however Government Departments are NOT interested in "WORKING TOGETHER" - even though they have made this THEIR SLOGAN - "By WORKING TOGETHER, we can do more"!
- - - How IRONIC that is !!! - - -

Having gathered enough insight into various ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS on the Human Health and Psychy over the last 19 years of work and research, I cannot stress it enough: "PREVENTION is the best CURE!!"

By reuniting offenders the same rules apply, like with a SICK PATIENT/PERSON that hast to be sent back home. At least all serious cases will have to be checked out for any ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS, which can have a DIRECT or INDIRECT (Underlying Causes) onto their re-integration (offenders) or health (patients). Well, when ever I speak to officials there is never any money for an OFFICIAL (LOCAL) RESEARCH together with the related departments. Most of them don't even let me get further than the front desk, when I go there in person. eMails are not answered/replied to either. How can I then even get my point across?

Yes, corresponding via Open Letters is a choice, too - however this is not what I like doing, but would have to consider again if certain DOORS just remain SHUT!

PEOPLE are SUFFERING all over the country and the medics are very often HELPLESS.
Yet the doctors I have been speaking to, claim that they have _no_ PROBLEM PATIENTS! - This is a lie, a total lie !
Every doctor has at least 30 - 50 PROBLEM PATIENTS, some of which are TREATMENT RESISTANT.

This should not be !!
… and why do these people then come to me and tell me their LIFE STORY and the story of suffering, which they have experienced - from/through their doctors and 'specialists' !!

The South African MEDICAL SYSTEM is down in the dumps already - how far does it still have to fall, before we do anything about it ???
Fixing up the Hospitals alone, does NOT help any of these shortcomings - it needs a MINDSET CHANGE and COMMITMENT to HELP the PATIENT.
- After all it is the PATIENT'S RIGHT to get GOOD and SAFE TREATMENT !
- - - Why do patients have to made Guinea-Pigs ??? - - -

I better close now, before I write a book, as the Redi Tlhabi Show is over now!

### - - - Hope this gives a little INSIGHT - - - ###