Redi Tlhabi Show 2012-09-19 "Kidney Disease"
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2012-09-19 (12:11)

As posted on the Facebook page of:

Nkfsa (National Kidney Foundation of SA)
2012-09-19 (12:11)

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Redi Tlhabi - Healthy Lifestyle Feature (2012-09-19)

Did I hear Professor Tony Meyers (National Kidney Foundation of SA), say we have to go by what we learn from around the world …
- Then he is quite CORRECT!
Kidney Disease is an alarming problem in South Africa !!

However this is only where it STARTS:
Why can we not PREVENT ILLNESSES from the word GO, before they start???
- Water Fluoridation is just one of the things in practice, also causing Kidney Disease

- Electro-Magnetic Radiation is another very UNDERESTIMATED and Underlying Cause for Kidney Problems - and many other…

- Kidney Disease liked to Diabetes? - Well it is also linked to Electro-Magnetic Radiation

? ? ?

Hello Professor Tony Meyers (National Kidney Foundation of SA),
I actually wanted to congratulate you on your input,
but now (due to your closing sentences), I cannot do that!
- WHAT was THIS? You reckon the JHB Water Supply is great?

- Well let me assure you it is _NOT_ (underlined) , as long as it contains one of the MOST TOXIC ELEMENTS on Earth, called FLUORIDE!
- It is EXACTLY that FLUORIDE that causes many problems in Humans, Animals and even Plants, but THIS INFORMATION is SUPPRESSED and not taught to University Students like many other things they should know. - We can go into more details later!

See for yourself first, right here:
and thereafter, I want you to RETRACT YOUR WORDS, that "the JHB Water Supply is HEALTHY" !!! - I in fact challenge you to do that, be cause, you should know better!

… … … and you will at the end actually SHOOT YOURSELF in the foot, with all your Kidney Patients !

Here are just some FACTS to resulting causes of Water Fluoridation:

Fluoride is directly linked to (at least) the following . . .

Nkfsa (National Kidney Foundation of SA)

2012-09-20 (13:52)

Dear Peter - although we acknowledge that there mght be other areas where water-fluoridation may be a problem we stand by the fact that the Jhb water supply is among the best in the world. Prof Meyers would be willing to meet with you and Jhb Water to discuss this if you would be interested in such a meeting.