Redi Tlhabi Show 2012-08-03 Obesity Body Shape
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REDI TLHABI 08 June 2012 11:05 AM
Sex Talk with Dr Eve – Breast cancer and its impact on sexuality
Many women find that breast cancer diagnosis and treatment seriously disrupt their sexual lives. First there are the most obvious issues—the physical changes, exhaustion, nausea and pain from treatment, self-image, empty energy reserves, and the emotional chaos from the diagnosis itself.
Guest: Dr. Eve
Position: Sexologist
Tel: (021) 439 4004
Email: az.oc.enilnodlrow|evErD#az.oc.enilnodlrow|evErD

2012-08-03 ±11:30

Dear Redi, Eusebius (standing in) & Dr. Eve,

in response to your radio talk today (2012-08-03), I would just like to comment, that ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELDS & RADIATION (EMF/EMR) have much more IMPACT on all living organisms (Human, Animal and Plant, but also DNA, Viruses and Fungi and Germs) as is currently known or taken for granted.

Given the FACT, that EMFs are also responsible for many PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES in the body, which are causing PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS, like ADD/ADHD, Bipolar and many others, to start off with.

WIRELESS COMMUNICATION is doing us a big disfavour and is complicating the whole setup even further. This includes Cellphones & its Towers, W-LAN/Wi-Fi/WiMAX and others, inclusive of DECT and TETRA phones - and it is just getting worse.
We will see the CANCER RATE in Stellenbosch tripple in the not to distant future, as more and more people are switching in to their WIRELESS NETWORK (giving "FREE" Internet - which is not so FREE if you have to pay with your HEALTH and WELL-BEING in the end!).

Just a small bit of information for now.
More can be found on my website:

For Obesity & Body Shape you should start perhaps start looking at Diabetes, too.

Kind regards (from Pretoria)

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