Redi Tlhabi Show 2011-12-01 Road Accidents & Street Deaths
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In response to the topics of the show, posted on the The Redi Tlhabi show on Talk Radio 702 and 567 CapeTalk Facebook Page

2011-12-01 — "Road Accidents & Street Deaths"

When can we hear conclusive evidence of what the causes are about all these terrible ROAD ACCIDENTS throughout the whole country???

Is it LACK OF CONCENTRATION, IRRITABILITY, RESTLESSNESS, GREED / RUSH (more trips, more money), UN-ROADWORTHY VEHICLES, or are there EXTERNAL and ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES which are the cause or underlying problem???

Has anybody though about this?
The ENVIRONMENT might just have more influences on us all (inclusive the drivers of the vehicles) than you would ever expect it to be !!
What about the NOISE in the cars (people talking, the Hi-Fi blasting at maximum - especially the thumping BASS which influences the body, and so on … ).
Then there is yet another FACTOR virtually unknown here in South Africa, which has to do with the Earth's energy. Various experiments and investigations have already been done in this area in Europe - especially in Germany in the 1970's - by the engineer and physicist Robert Endrös !!!
He has delivered scientific evidence of how the ENVIRONMENT influences our HEALTH and WELL-BEING - perhaps more as we would like it to do !!!
He was investigating traffic accident scenes, suicide cases and various serious illnesses from an ENVIRONMENTAL POINT OF VIEW and came up with very interesting and unknown facts.

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